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Title Humans
Ending Risk Management Groundhog Day
Babel Revisited: Lessons from an IPv6 Transition Internal Revenue Service
DHS Cybersecurity Future Technology : Where We Go From Here Department of Homeland Security
What Does Truly Interactive Transaction Authentication Look Like? (Entersekt)
Network Security Smackdown: Which Technologies Will Survive? BT
Not Playing Nice in the Sandbox; The Latest in Malware Evasion Techniques Websense, Inc.
Mobile Devices Security: Evolving Threat Profile of Mobile Networks
Targeted Security Analytics: You Know Where They are Going. Be Waiting Ark Software
Achieving and Exceeding Compliance Through Open Source Solutions Zack Fasel , Urbane Security
Hero to Zero: Can Government Catch-up in Mobility? DHS S&T Cyber Security Division
The Boy Who Played with Fusion
Buyer Beware: How to Be a Better Consumer of Security Maturity Models Carnegie Mellon University
Using Big Data to Uncover Sophisticated Attacks, and Secure Your Organization (Tenable Network Security)
Is Your Browser a User Agent, or a Double Agent?
Facts vs. Fear: Foreign Technology Risks in Critical Industry Sectors
How to Quickly Achieve the HIPAA Compliance Now Required for Most Companies 8x8, Inc.
Data + Cloud + Security = DirectBox! (Jiransoft)
Identify Uninvited Applications on Your Network (Narus)
Call in the Cavalry - WHY The Cavalry: Why We Need The Cavalry and Why It Falls To Us
The Relevance of Government Cybersecurity Intelligence CrowdStrike, Inc.
Call in the Cavalry - HOW The Cavalry: How We Must Engage With The Outside World
Handling Zero Day Disclosures: You're Doing it Wrong HP Security Research
Anatomy of a Data Breach: What You Say (or Don’t Say) Can Hurt You
Buy Candy, Lose Your Credit Card - Investigating PoS RAM Scraping Malware Trend Micro, Inc.
Security of Large Complex Technical Systems
Running Secure Server Software on Insecure Hardware without a Parachute CloudFlare Inc.
(ISC)2 Member Reception (Members Only)
SDN & Security: Why Take Over the Hosts When You Can Take Over the Network
DLL Side-Loading: A Thorn in the Side of the Anti-Virus (AV) Industry FireEye, Inc.
Data Encryption for Virtualized Enterprise AFORE
The Information Security Specialist or Generalist, Who Will Be in Demand?
Oh the PaaSabilities, Security in a Platform as a Service World David Mortman
Software Liability?: The Worst Possible Idea (Except for all Others)
Utilities and Cybersecurity - Myth and Reality
How We Implemented Security in Agile for 20 SCRUMs- and Lived to Tell LivePerson
Updating the Law on Government Access to Your Online Data Google Inc.
Cybersecurity in a World of Borders
Using Data Breadcrumbs to ID Targeted Attacks Dan Hubbard
Rogue Mobile Apps: Nuisance or Legit Threat? PhishLabs
A Human Factor Interface for SIEM
The Network Alone Can’t Protect Your Data Dell
Hot Topics in Information Security Law 2014
Anti-Stealth Techniques: Heuristically Detecting x64 Bootkits Lars Haukli , Blue Coat Systems
Using Automated Cyber Threat Exchange to Turn the Tide against DDOS Federal Bureau of Investigation
Advancing Information Risk Practices Seminar
Workshop on the Proposed NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Side-Channel Attacks
Get Proactive with Security – A Session on Using Trusted Computing to Free Security Resources for the Day-to-Day Fires
Social Gaming: Emerging Regulation (aka"Make Money and Avoid Jail")
Is the Liberty Reserve Money Laundering Case the New Face of Cyber Crime?
Let Go of the Status Quo: Build an Effective Information Protection Program Insider Threat Operations, Raytheon
The Security Staff and Skills Shortage is Worse Than You Think
Embracing “Identity as the New Perimeter” – Strategic Guide for the CIO (CA Technologies)
Privacy Reboot
Eight Conflicts Which Changed Cyberspace Jason Healey
Right Skills, Right Time, Right Industry: Women in Security Booz Allen Hamilton
Education and Engaging the C-Suite on Cybersecurity
Gumshoes – Security Investigative Journalists Speak Out The New York Times
Continue The Conversation: 20 in 2014: The Top Privacy Issues to Watch
Mobile Analysis Kung Fu, Santoku Style viaForensics
Computer Forensics and Incident Response in the Cloud Alert Logic
Delinquent - Thief - Spy - Hero: The Evolution of Movie Hackers
Cyber Vigilante or Self Defense?
SANS: Lethal Network Forensics SANS Institute
Cyber Battlefield: The Future of Conflict
How to Secure the Next Phase of Mobility in the Internet of Things Erich Stuntebeck , AirWatch
Welcome & Non-Integral Asymmetric Functions
Building a Bunker for Business Assets and Processes Booz Allen Hamilton
(ISC)² CSSLP CBK Training Preview
Continue The Conversation: The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and What's Coming Next
RESTing on Your Laurels Will Get You Pwned Alvaro Muñoz
An Overview of the EO Cybersecurity Framework
Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap – It’s Past Time. SANS Institute
Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries by Peter Sims
Operation Olympic Games Is the Tom Clancy Spy Story that Changed Everything Palo Alto Networks
SecOps Alchemy - Turning Pb to Au Global Security Organization, ADP
Deciphering the Legal Framework that Governs Online Identity Systems
Finding a Path Forward in an Increasingly Conflicted Digital World RSA
Stop Looking for the Silver Bullet: Start Thinking Like a Bad Guy
Malware Defense Integration and Automation Eng, Jask
Big Data is Old School – Endpoint Intelligence is the New Information Security (Unisys)
Malware Under the Hood – Keeping your Intellectual Property Safe Shoshn Partners
From Data to Wisdom: Big Lessons in Small Data
Public-Key Encryption
Unmasking the Social Engineer and Social Engineering by Chris Hadnagy
The Story of charity: water
Hot Topics in Privacy Cisco Systems
The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto: Getting From Policy to Code to QA Value by Michelle Dennedy & Jonathan Fox
Hacking Exposed: The Art of Deterrence Cylance
Information Security Policy for Users (Not Auditors) D+H
Identity and Access Management: Business Performance Through Connected Intelligence by Ertem Osmanoglu
Android in the Enterprise and the Future of Mobile Threats Cloudmark
Continue The Conversation: Keeping Up With The Joneses: How Does Your Insider Threat Program Stack Up?
ISSA Member Reception
Security Education for the New Generation
Walking the Security & Privacy Talk; Moving from Compliance to Stewardship
(ISC)² CCFP CBK Training Preview
Why Cyber Incident Response Teams Get No Respect Lancope
Implementing PCI DSS 3.0 for Success: Challenges and Best Practices
BYOD: An Interpretive Dance Ashcroft Law Firm
Applying Cryptography as a Service to Mobile Applications RSA
Now That You’re In, How Do You Get Out? Terminating Cloud Services Nettitude
Helping People Walk the Narrow Path Markus Jakobsson , ZapFraud
How Was Your Migration to RSA 2048-Bit? Data Protection Engineering, Fidelity Technology Group
To Regulate or Not to Regulate Cyber Security: That Is the Question
10 Dimensions of Security Performance for Agility & Rapid Learning
Cultivating the Global Workforce Landscape
Security Career Pro Tips
Combating Advanced Targeted Attacks through Managed Security Analytics and Intelligence (Verizon)
Evaluating the Security of Purchased Software: Can We Find Common Ground? SAFECode
Mobile Payments: Winning the Fraud Battle Signifyd
SANS: The Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing and Auditing Enclave Security
Response Plan Fitness: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and What's Coming Next SANS Institute
Hackback? Claptrap! - An Active Defense Continuum for the Private Sector Steptoe & Johnson LLP
Building and Extending Solutions with Hardware Trust Intel Corporation
Threat Modeling: How Do You Define It? How Do You Use It? Carnegie Mellon University
How Joshua DoSed Jericho: Cybersecrets of the Bible Oracle Corporation
Cybersecurity: An Innovative Approach to Advanced Persistent Threats Intel Corporation
BlackHat PsyOps -- Why Everyone Clicks (Proofpoint)
End-to-End Analysis of a Domain Generating Algorithm Malware Family Jason Geffner , CrowdStrike, Inc.
The FBI and the Private Sector: Closing the Gap in Cyber Security Federal Bureau of Investigation
Twilight of Legacy AV Models - A Different Long Tail Story FireEye Research Labs
Not Go Quietly: Surprising Strategies and Teammates to Adapt and Overcome
Data Breach Resolution for Insurance Carriers
Cyber Legislation: National Security & Corporate Responsibility Collide Palo Alto Networks
Social Media Single Sign-On: Could You Be Sharing More than Your Password Gemalto
The Art of Attribution: Identifying and Pursuing your Cyber Adversaries CrowdStrike, Inc.
The Cloud – Security Nightmare or Our Next Great Hope? Qualys, Inc.
Protecting the Crown Jewels: Sensitive Data Management (Identity Finder)
Electronically Stored Information: The Complete Guide to Management, Understanding, Acquisition, Storage, Search, and Retrieval by David Matthews
Identity Security Automation to Stay Ahead of Nation State Attacks (Lieberman Software)
Harnessing Big Data for Application Security Intelligence
A Comfy Couch for Critical Assets Booz Allen Hamilton
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Security Products
It’s Time to Offer Facebook Logon to Your Customers Oracle
The Future of Exploits, Developing Hidden C&C and Kittens SANS Institute
Mutiny on the Bounty: The Epic Tale of How Data Defeated Dogma Katie Moussouris , Luta Security, Inc.
Risky Business: Managing Risk across Industries in Today’s Global Economy Drexel University
Information Security Governance Simplified: From the Boardroom to the Keyboard and CISO Leadership: Essential Principles For Success by Todd Fitzgerald
Meet and Greet McGraw Hill Authors
Predatory Hacking of Mobile: Real Demos Jeff Forristal , Bluebox Security
Bitcoin Is Here: How to Become a Successful Bitcoin Thief!!!
Smartphone Privacy
Social Engineering: When the Phone is More Dangerous than Malware
A CISO's Perspective: Protecting with Enhanced Visibility and Response
Intelligence Driven Security CrowdStrike, Inc.
Is the Cloud Really More Secure Than On-Premise?
The Current State of Automotive Security Chris Valasek , Uber ATC
The PRNG Debate Paul Kocher
Security Metrics: Can They Be Effectively Measured Across the Enterprise?
Denial of Service and Outsourcing Murder by Mary Ann Davidson
What Does Security Really Mean in the Age of NSA, Cyber Spying and Espionage? Do You Know Who Is on Your Network?!? (Caspida)
Security Business Intelligence– Big Data for Faster Detection/Response Intel Corporation
Baseline Security: A Risk-Based ISMS Implementation
A Fierce Domain: Cyber Conflict, 1986 to 2012 by Jason Healey
Securing Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers: Omg We Are So Different!
viaForensics' Study Tracks Mobile App Data Security (viaForensics)
50 Shades of Security: Whipping Your Users Into Submission
Hacking Exposed Mobile by Joel Scambray
Words Matter: Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation Sage Data Security, LLC
Smart Grid Security: A Look to the Future Accenture
Keeping Up with the Joneses: How Does Your Insider Threat Program Stack Up?
Bad Romance: 3 Reasons Hackers Love Your Web Apps & How to Break Them Up
How to Catch an Insider Data Thief
Applications of Cryptographic Primitives
When Worlds Collide – the Fusion of Cloud and Embedded
Phish or Not?
Raising the Security Bar with Windows 8.1 Microsoft Corporation
The Anatomy and Detection of a Latent Rootkit Attack (LynuxWorks)
Innovation Sandbox
RAPID HYBRID PENTEST(TM) - a Systematic Approach to Validate if Your End–User Security Controls Are Working, Need Tuning or Are Missing (SynerComm)
RSA Conference Codebreakers Bash
Storm Advancing: Security Weathermen Forecast the Advanced Threat Landscape
Making the Security Super Human: How to Effectively Train Anyone/Anything
Assume a Hostile Environment: Securing Mobile Data in the App viaForensics
The Next World War Will be Fought in Silicon Valley Juniper Networks
Why SSL Is Better Than IPsec for Fully Transparent Mobile Network Access
Let Your Users Go Rogue
The Future of Security Education Lookout
The Future of Authentication: Different Approaches to the Same Goal The FIDO Alliance
CSA Summit 2014: In Global Clouds We Trust?
Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC) - First Steps that Lead to Meaningful Protection (Attachmate)
Adventures in Insurance Land – Weaknesses in Risk Pricing and Alternatives Accuvant Inc.
VMware: The Goldilocks Zone: Security in the Era of the Software Defined Datacenter
Cybersecurity Framework: A Practical Guide to Manage Cybersecurity Risk
SCADA Success Stories
Changing User Behavior: The Science of Awareness SANS Institute
Leading Cybersecurity: Technically Sexy, Programmatically Dowdy
The NIST Randomness Beacon
'2nd-Wave' Advanced Threats: Preparing for Tomorrow's Sophisticated Attacks RSA
Trust Us: How to Sleep Soundly with Your Data in the Cloud.
Syrian Electronic Army: Their Methods and Your Responses
Oh the Humanity! Building Reliable Cultural Firewalls
Security Principles Versus the Real World
Digital Signatures
Threat Modelling by Adam Shostack
Your Pad or Mine? - Embracing and Securing BYOD Juniper Networks
SANS: Securing The Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program SANS Institute
State of the Hack: One Year after the APT1 Report FireEye, Inc.
How to Overcome Security Challenges of Doing Business in China Associates, Inc.
The New Model of Security Cisco Systems
Where Do We Go from Here, Now That Our Internet Is Gone? Rafal Los , Optiv
Turning Medical Device Hacks into Tools for Defenders Accuvant Inc.
iOS Security: The Neverending Story of Application-Security Yair Amit , Modern OS, Symantec
Identity & Access Management (IAM) Maturity: A Comparison Across Companies Identity Management Technology
Dueling Perspectives: “Rules of the Road” or “Rule of Law” for Cyberspace CrowdStrike, Inc.
Protected in Part Means Fully Exposed—A Mock Trial
Encrypted Access: A Double Edged Sword (SSH Communications Security)
The Game of Hide and Seek, Hidden Risks in Modern Software Development Alert Logic
Cyber Security Canon: You Should Have Read These Books by Now Palo Alto Networks
The Cryptographers' Panel
Security Cinema
Big Data and Hadoop: New Security Challenge Zettaset
Remarks by Stephen Colbert
Succeeding with Enterprise Software Security Key Performance Indicators Rafal Los , Optiv
Executive Women’s Forum Reception
Data Hiding by Mike Raggo
Honeywords: A New Tool for Protection from Password Database Breach
Neuro-Hacking 101: Taming Your Inner Curmudgeon
Project 2020: Preparing Your Organization for Future Threats … Today Trend Micro, Inc.
Hash Function Cryptanalysis
The Dichotomy of the System Administrator Professional Services, MAD Security
TweetUp: Security & Privacy Mark Stanislav , Duo Security
Too Critical to Fail: Cyber-Attacks on ERP, CRM, SCM and HR Systems Onapsis
Security Risk Assessments of Third-Party Service Providers Diversified Global Graphics Group
Internet of Things... Promising but Let's Not Forget Security Please! Cisco Systems
Eyes on IZON: Surveilling IP Camera Security Mark Stanislav , Duo Security
Applied Cryptography, Secrets & Lies, Schneier on Security, Liars and Outliers and Carry On by Bruce Schneier
Virtualization and Cloud: Orchestration, Automation and Security Gaps SANS Institute
Third-Party Cyber Security & Data Loss Prevention
Why Mobile Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Root NowSecure
Hacking Exposed: Day of Destruction George Kurtz , CrowdStrike, Inc.
We Are All Intelligence Officers Now Dan Geer
Practical Legal Aspects of BYOD
The Art of Evasion: Malware Deconstructed
Managing Secure Access to Connected ‘Things’ – How Hard Can It Be? (Covisint)
Mobile Security in the Enterprise
Data-Driven Security (Brand New Book Launch) by Jay Jacobs & Bob Rudis
The Robotics Revolution
Wrapping Mobile Apps for Security (Citrix Systems)
The Privileged User Discussion: Security Enforcer or Threat?
Search, Warrants and the Right to Privacy: Are We In Post-Constitutional America?
The "Fog of More" - A CyberSecurity Community Challenge Tony Sager
Is the Security Industry Ready for SSL Decryption?
Practical Attacks against MDM Solutions (and What Can You Do About It) Michael Shaulov , Lacoon Mobile Security
Hardware-Level Attacks - Is Detection Possible? Groundworks Technologies
Beginners Guide to Reverse Engineering Android Apps viaForensics
It’s a Jungle Out There: The Security State of CMS Platforms Maty Siman , Checkmarx
From Disclosing Existing Vulnerabilities to Discovering New Vulnerabilities
Hacking iOS on the Run: Using Cycript viaForensics
Key Trends in Security: The Venture Capitalists' View
Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries Entrepreneur
The Disaster Experts: Mastering Risk in Modern America by Scott Knowles
Make Way for the Internet of Things
Securing Our Nation's Data Centers Against Advanced Adversaries Department of Defense
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Rethinking Your Cloud Selection Strategy Nebula
A Tale of Two Mocks—A Deep Dive Into the Issues Raised
Securing the Big Data Ecosystem Davi Ottenheimer
The Sixth Man: How Cybersecurity Awareness Programs Strengthen Our Defense RSA
How Microsoft IT "Does" Data Protection Microsoft Corporation
Implementing a Quantitative Risk-Based Approach to Cyber Security
Cloud Application Security Assessment, Guerilla Style
Visualize This! Meaningful Metrics for Managing Risk
Hunting Mac Malware with Memory Forensics
They Did What?!? – How Your End Users Are Putting You at Risk
So Why on Earth Would You WANT to be a CISO?
Finding Needles in a Needlestack with Graph Analytics and Predictive Models Lookout
Smart Grid Security: An End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid by Gilbert Sorebo
Technology is Only Part of the Cyber Defense Puzzle (Sypris)
Cyber Threat Defense Automation: Why Scale Matters (Agiliance)
One Step Ahead of Advanced Attacks and Malware Advanced Technologies Group, Intel Security
View from the Inside: DHS Priorities in Cybersecurity
Information Security Leadership Development: Surviving as a Security Leader CipherCloud
South Expo Pub Crawl
Roadster Amongst the Tonka Trucks Cisco Systems
Security: The Hardest Career Lookout
CANCELLED: Why We Need a Cybermilitia (and How to Get One) Takatech
The Boundary Between Privacy and Security: The NSA Prism Program
Cyber Warfare 2E by Jason Andress
Analyst Quadrants, Third-Party Tests, Vendor Data Sheets and YOU
How Good Is Your Predictive Coding Poker Face?
OpenStack Clouds & PCI Compliance
Security vs. Privacy: Who is Winning?
The World of Warbiking through the Streets of San Francisco SANS Institute
Riding the Tiger – Harnessing the Power of Industry in Cyber Security CESG
Think Tank: Los Alamos National Laboratory - PathScan: Finding the Attacker Within
Cybersecurity Economics: Tips, Tactics and Tradeoffs
Continuous Monitoring with the 20 Critical Security Controls (CSC) Qualys
The 900 Days: Battles with NAC and Access Control
Mock Trial Using Actual Case on Misrepresentation of Cloud Based Evidence
Mission Impossible?: Building and Defending Zero-Knowledge Privacy Services
How Microsoft, FS-ISAC & Agari Took Down the Citadel Cybercrime Ring Microsoft Corporation
Mobile Application Assessments by the Numbers: A Whole-istic View
New Foundations for Threat Modeling Adam Shostack
How to Discover if your Company's Files are on a Hacker's Shopping List Prevendra, Inc.
A Deep Dive into the Security Threat Landscape of the Middle East WW Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Microsoft
Why AWS CloudHSM can Revolutionize AWS
How to Make a Security Awareness Program FAIL!
Privacy as a Growing Risk
Monitoring and Filtering Your Child's Web Media Use in our Connected World SynerComm Inc.
OTT, Virtual Carriers and the New Wave of Spam Threats in the 4G/LTE World AdaptiveMobile Security Ltd
The Art of Evasion: Malware Deconstructed (Palo Alto Networks)
Fun with Proxmark3
Understanding NSA Surveillance: The Washington View
Gamifying Security Awareness
Securing the Virtual Environment by Davi Ottenheimer
Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Using Big Data to Counteract Advanced Threats Splunk
Symmetric Encryption & Cryptanalysis University of Luxembourg
Government x 2: State and Federal Collaboration on Cybersecurity Symantec
Getting Ready for the U.S. EMV Migration (NagraID Security)
What Is the Future of Data Privacy and Security in Mobile?
Security Awareness Metrics - Measuring Change in Human Behavior SANS Institute
The Future of Security Security Intelligence and Technology, Symantec Corp.
Break That Code Trivia Game
Securing Your Transition to the Cloud – How Can You Trust the Man Behind the Curtain? (Thales e-Security, Inc.)
Malicious Acrobatics on Social Media
Should a National Cyber Safety Board Be Created to Help Report on Breaches?
Mind Over Matter: The Pragmatic, Strong, and Smart Approach to Security D-Trust GmbH
Protocols UC San Diego
Stepping P3wns: Adventures in Full Spectrum Embedded Exploitation & Defense Red Balloon Security
The Social Networking Battleground: Growth vs. Security
CANCELLED: Using Big Data to Protect Big Data
Understanding Geo Cyber Risk Delta Risk LLC
U.S. and E.U. Competition to Regulate the Emerging Global Identity Architecture University of Washington
The Steps Zurich Took to Build an “Effective” Information Security Program Zurich Insurance Group
You Shared WHAT?! Risks and Strategies of Securing Employee File Sharing Axway, Inc.
Mobile App Privacy: Gone in 6 seconds Appthority, Inc.
Welcome Reception
A Hacker’s Perspective: How I Took Over Your City’s Power Grid Knowledge Consulting Group
20 in 2014: The Top Privacy Issues to Watch
Risk-based Authentication: The Future of Guarding your Network, Systems and Data Deloitte & Touche LLP
Achieving a Seamless User Experience When Securing Doors, Data and the Cloud (HID Global)
Building a Mystery: Threat Intelligence in Modern Security
Reboot Your IT Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) Process in 20 Minutes Enbridge Inc.
Invited Talk Fondation de l'Université Pierre
Identity as a Service (IDaaS): Where are You?
Attacking Trust – The Next Evolution in Cyber Weaponry Merike Kaeo , Farsight Security
Peeping Naked Data: How Attackers Expose Databases and How to Cover Your Back End (Trustwave)
Effects-based Targeting for Critical Infrastructure FireEye, Inc.
Enterprise IAM Strategies in Banking TD Bank Group
The Role of a Cyber Mercenary Gunter Ollmann , NCC Group
Hardware Implementations
Now What? Solving the Mystery of Incident Response (Webroot)
Android Security - Building a Secure Open Source Platform Adrian Ludwig , Google Inc. , Android Security
Disrupting the Progression of a Cyber Attack Tripwire
Foreign Spies and Facebook: The Undeniable Truth
Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Exploring Data Security, Ownership and Control (SafeNet)
Operation Full Circle McAfee
Security PR 101 Check Point Software Technologies
Criticality Analysis & Supply Chain: Providing "Representational Assurance"
Science Fiction is Here!!
Hardware Trojans and Malicious Logic Groundworks Technologies
Cloud Computing in China: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks Microsoft Corporation
OODA Loop as an Advanced Persistent Defense (Lancope)
Measurement as a Key to Confidence: Providing Assurance
Touchlogger on iOS and Android Trustwave
Getting Your Security Budget Approved Without FUD
Establishing Trust After A Breach (Tripwire)
Training CIRTs for the IRL Trenches SANS Institute
Economic Impact of PRISM on Cloud Services & Safe Harbor
Making Penetration Tests Actually Useful
IAPP: Privacy Intensive for Security Professionals: Are You Prepared?
C U SRF with Cross USer Request Forgery Amichai Shulman , Imperva
Security Shelfware: Which Products are Gathering Dust in the Shed and Why? AT&T Business
Analyzing the Trends in Software Vulnerabilities in 2013 (Secunia)
Flash Talks Powered by PechaKucha
International Data Breach Response Ashcroft Law Firm
Can Government Cybersecurity Policies Balance Security, Trade & Innovation?
Hugh Thompson and Guests
Implementing Privacy Compliant Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Cyber Legislation & Policy Developments 2014 The MITRE Corp
A Picture is Worth a Thousand LoC:  Visualizing Your Vulnerabilities (Checkmarx)
Android Security Cookbook by Scott Alexander-Bown
Use Anomalies to Detect Advanced Attacks Before Bad Guys Use It Against You Websense, Inc.
NCSA Reception: Non-Profits on the Loose @ RSA Conference 2014
Information Security Supply Chain - You, Your Partners and Nation States Honeywell
Cybersecurity the Old Fashioned Way: Pass Known Good Content
Lean Hacking: How Attackers Are Doing More with Less and How to Stop Them
Writing Secure Software Is Hard, but at Least Add Mitigations! Simon Roses Femerling , VULNEX
SANS: Mobile Device Security Larry Pesce , InGuardians
Public Cloud Security: Surviving in a Hostile Multitenant Environment
New Frontiers in Security Endgame
Practical Reverse Engineering by Elias Bachaalany
Follow the Money: Security Researchers, Disclosure, Confidence and Profit Jake Kouns , Risk Based Security
Trojan Horse: A Novel and Zero Day: A Novel by Mark Russinovich
Dangerous Reading: Malware from Pirated E-book Sites (Blue Coat Systems)
Technical Metrics Aren’t Enough: 10 Strategic Security Measures
The Battle for Information Superiority in Cyber Security (Sourcefire)
Top Attacks in Social Media KRAA Security
Shifting Roles for Security in the Virtualized Data Center: Who Owns What?
Tinker Bell SSL: Avoiding the Neverland Security Infrastructure Data Protection Engineering, Fidelity Technology Group
What Is Going on at NSA These Days
Hardware Assisted Security: Enhancing the Coverage, Efficiency and Strength of Datacenter and Cloud Security (Intel)
(ISC)2 Foundation Safe & Secure Online Program Volunteer Orientation (Members Only)
Pass-the-Hash: How Attackers Spread and How to Stop Them Microsoft Corporation
Dueling Banjos - Cloud v Enterprise Security: Using Automation & DevOps NOW Rich Mogull
Crypto for Constrained Devices – A Talk with Whitfield Diffie
Whose IP Is It Anyway: Tales of IP Reputation Failures IBM
EMM, Delivering Security Without Compromising the User Experience
Effects of Recent Federal Policies on Security and Resiliency Landscapes Carnegie Mellon University
Entropy, Random Numbers and Keys: What's Good Enough? QuintessenceLabs
Stop APTs Dead (AhnLab)
Security Basics Seminar Rapid7
“All About the Data”: Security Information and Event Analysis – Move from a Qualitative to Quantitative Approach
Where in the World is xn--80atbrbl6f.xn--p1ai? Blue Coat Systems
Securing Smart Machines: Where We Are, Where We Want to Be, and Challenges Federal Trade Commission
Auditing Cloud Computing: A Security and Privacy Guide and The Savvy Cyber Kids At Home (Series) by Ben Halpert
Integrating Any Smartphone Into Your Mobile ID Strategy GlobalPlatform
An Arms Race: Using Banking Trojan and Exploit Kit Tactics for Defense Trustwave
Diablo Security: What Can Infosec Learn from Video Games? Tripwire
Collaboration across the Threat Intelligence Landscape Merike Kaeo , Farsight Security
Large Corporation Chief Information Security Officers on Aligning Cyber Technologies, Personnel and Processes
Business Control & Velocity: Balance Security, Privacy, Ethics & Optimize Risk Cylance
Lessons Learned from Physical Tamper-Response Applied to Client Devices Ryan Lackey , CloudFlare, Inc.
Security by and for the People!
Privacy Enhancing Technologies: Pipe Dream or Unfulfilled Promise?
Now You See Me – Attacks with Web Server Binaries and Modules
Are Mobile Devices the Answer to the Strong Authentication Problem?
Watching the Watchers: Privacy Officers Inside the U.S. Government Karen Neuman , Department of Homeland Security
Risk and Responsibility in a Hyper-Connected World McKinsey
Survey of the Operating Landscape Investigating Incidents in the Cloud
Continue The Conversation: The Cryptographers' Panel
New Ideas on CAA, CT, and Public Key Pinning for a Safer Internet
Big Data's Potential in Helping to Secure the Internet of Things IBM
Utilizing Threat Indicators & Context to Improve Security Response
Threat Centric Security
You Are Known by the Company You Keep: Introducing a Secure Software Vendor Exchange Program (Veracode)
Are Your Privileged Users at Risk or a Risk? (Vormetric)
The Dark Web and Silk Road
Information Exchange on Targeted Incidents in Practice
Castles in the Air: Data Protection in the Consumer Age
NSA Surveillance: What We Know, and What to Do about It Bruce Schneier , IBM Security
North Expo Coffee Hour
The Latest Security Features Available for Server Based Security Appliances (UNICOM Engineering)
Cloud Ninja: Catch Me If You Can! Rob Ragan , Bishop Fox
Are your Keys to the Kingdom Safe? - SSH as an Attack Vendor (Venafi)
Hijacking the Cloud: Systematic Risk in Datacenter Management Networks
I Survived Rock’n’Roll: Security Incident Escalation
Privilege Management: Top 5 Tips and Traps (BeyondTrust)
Secure Cloud Development Resources with DevOps
Inflection: Security's Next 10 Years Rich Mogull
Learning Malware Languages: Fun with Dick and Jane’s Malware
One Year Later: Lessons and Unintended Consequences of the APT1 Report
Surviving a Security Firestorm: Tales from Those Who've Lived through It
Cognitive Injection: Reprogramming the Situation-Oriented Human OS Akamai Technologies
An Introduction to Random Number Generators (QuintessenceLabs)
Security Response in the Age of Mass Customized Attacks Peleus Uhley
Applying International Law to Cyber Warfare Atlantic Council
Cybercrime and Espionage: An Analysis of Subversive Multi-Vector Threats and Blackhatonomics: An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime by John Pirc
A Penetration Testing Maturity and Scoring Model SANS Institute
Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable by Malcolm Harkins
Captializing on Collective Intelligence Twitter Chat
Be a DREAMR: Obtain Business Partnership, Not Just Buy-in Mayo Clinic
Scaling a Software Security Initiative: Lessons from the BSIMM
Ensuring Your 3rd Party Vendors and Partners are Secure Convergys
Hacking Web Apps by Mike Shema
Dinner for 6
DevOps/Security Myths Debunked Signal Sciences
Core Software Security: Security at the Source by James Ransome and Anmol Misra
Hunting for OS X Rootkits in Memory Cem Gurkok , Verizon Terremark
Beyond Information Warfare: The History of the Future of Security
Your Product is Made WHERE? Intel Corporation
Call in the Cavalry - WHAT The Cavalry: What We Must Do as Researchers and Ambassadors
Think Tank: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
How Shared Security Intelligence Can Better Stop Targeted Attacks ServiceNow
Meet the PCLOB: An Introduction to the Independent US Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
Conundrums in Cyberspace: Exploiting Security in the Name of, well, Security. Microsoft Corporation