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HAXPO: Hey Attacker! I Can See You! HITBSecConf2019 - Amsterdam
Blackbox Interpretability: Next Frontier in Adversarial ML Evasion RSAC USA 2019
Decentralized Identity: No Promises Edition RSAC USA 2019
Harnessing the Law of Data Gravity: Cyber-Defense and the Hybrid Cloud RSAC USA 2019
Passwords and Patching: The Forgotten Building Blocks of Enterprise Security RSAC USA 2019
Security Learns to Sprint: DevSecOps RSAC USA 2019
How to Lose a Container in 10 Minutes BSidesSF2019
Lightning Talk: How to Lose a Container in 10 Minutes APPSEC CALIFORNIA 2019
Starving malware authors through dynamic classification VB2018 Montreal
VBA + AMSI: evening the score with macro malware VB2018 Montreal