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Compiler Bugs and Bug Compilers HITBSecConf2019 - Amsterdam
Blockchain Augmentation of the Trusted Supply Chain RSAC USA 2019
Securing Intel PC for FIDO Support: Industry Standard to Remove Passwords RSAC USA 2019
Reversing SR-IOV For Fun and Profit ShmooCon 2019
KEYNOTE 1: The Future, The Past, and … Wait, Where the Hell are We Now? HITBSecConf2018 – Amsterdam
Securing Your In-Ear-Fitness Coach: Challenges in Hardening Next Generation Wearables Black Hat Asia 2018
XOM-switch: Hiding Your Code from Advanced Code Reuse Attacks In One Shot Black Hat Asia 2018
Approximate Thumbnail Preserving Encryption ACM CCS 2017
3-DAY TRAINING 3 – Making & Breaking Machine Learning Systems HITB GSEC 2017 – Singapore
Genetic Diseases to Guide Digital Hacks of the Human Genome: How the Cancer Moonshot Program will Enable Almost Anyone to Crash the Operating System that Runs You or to End Civilization... DEF CON 25