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KHyperLogLog: Estimating Reidentifiability and Joinability of Large Data at Scale 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
True2F: Backdoor-Resistant Authentication Tokens 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
Content Security Policy: A Successful Mess Between Hardening and Mitigation HITBSecConf2019 - Amsterdam
Tales from the Bug Mine: Highlights from the 2018 Android Security Bulletin CanSecWest Vancouver 2019
Anatomy of Phishing Campaigns: A Gmail Perspective RSAC USA 2019
Engineering Trust and Security in the Cloud Era, Based on Early Lessons RSAC USA 2019
Kubernetes Runtime Security: What Happens if a Container Goes Bad? RSAC USA 2019
Job Search 2019 – Interview Skills and Resume Review Workshop RSAC USA 2019
Do Androids Dream of Electric Fences?: Defending Android in the Enterprise BSidesSF2019
You Might Still Need Patches for Your Denim, but You No Longer Need Them for Prod BSidesSF2019