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The 9 Lives of Bleichenbacher's CAT: New Cache ATtacks on TLS Implementations 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
DevSecOps State of the Union BSidesSF2019
RFID Hacking BSidesSF2019
Lessons Learned from the DevSecOps Trenches (Panel) APPSEC CALIFORNIA 2019
The SecDevOpronomicon - Arcane Secrets for Scaling your Company’s Security BSidesSF2018
A Deal with the Devil: Breaking Smart Contracts Black Hat Asia 2018
Fed Up Getting Shattered and Log Jammed? A New Generation of Crypto is Coming Black Hat Europe 2017
COMMSEC: AutoSec: Automotive Security Assessment Techniques and Tools from a Pentester’s Perspective HITB GSEC 2017 – Singapore
XFLTReaT: A New Dimension in Tunnelling HITB GSEC 2017 – Singapore
Ghost in the Droid: Possessing Android Applications with ParaSpectre DEF CON 25