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99 Security Products and You Still Got Breached? RSAC USA 2019
Cybersecurity Canon RSAC USA 2019
Joining Forces: Transforming Cybersecurity through Diversity and Data RSAC USA 2019
Cloud-Native Sandboxes for Microservices: Understanding New Threats and Attacks Black Hat Europe 2018
False Flag Foibles: Imitating Nation State Actors and Criminals to Befuddle Media and Researchers BlueHat v18
Security Operations 2018: What Is Working? What Is Not. RSAC Asia Pacific & Japan 2018
Securing Diversity RSAC USA 2018
SOC 2030—SOCs Are Broken. Let’s Fix Them. RSAC USA 2018
IoTCandyJar: Towards an Intelligent-Interaction Honeypot for IoT Devices Black Hat USA 2017
Anti-Plugin: Don't Let Your App Play as an Android Plugin Black Hat Asia 2017