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Title Humans
Identifying Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges and Reference Designs National Cybersecurity FFRDC, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
(CANCELLED)...This Is Your Enterprise on O365 (repeat) Federal Communications Commission
Building the Cybersecurity Innovation Pipeline McAfee
Balancing Public Good and Personal Privacy—Challenges in De-Identifying Open Datasets Geotab
Foundations for a Strong Threat Intelligence Program
Charting a Clear Course: Prioritizing Security Investments and Activities
Crypto Collecting Coventry Computer
Abstractions of Security: Mining a Decade of RSA Conference Abstracts
DARPA R&D Enabling US Cyber-Deterrence DARPA
Mobile Payment Security—Risk and Response
The Cybersecurity Job Seekers Report: Results and Implications
Industrial IoT Exploits behind Insecure Cities and Rogue Robots Trend Micro, Inc.
Creating Order from Chaos: Metrics That Matter (repeat)
Is Malware the New Weapon of Mass Destruction? ESET
Nation-State Espionage: Hunting Multi-Platform APTs on a Global Scale Eva Galperin , Electronic Frontier Foundation
Super Forecasting: Even You Can Perform High-Precision Risk Assessments
Navigating the Data Labeling Bottleneck as Security Embraces AI Philip Tully , ZeroFOX
Inside Cloudbleed Cloudflare
Finding Needles in a Haystack: Effective Indicators of Insider Threat Microsoft Corporation
The Trump Administration & Congress: Decrypting the Cybersecurity Agenda
Strategies to Finding and Building Your Robust Workforce
Cybersecurity Impact on Mental Health: Managing Stress, Building Resilience Foundation Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
Web Application Testing—Approach and Cheating to Win
Marketing in the Security Industry Cybereason
Fear and Cyber in an Agile Defined World (BT)
SANS: Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing and Auditing Enclave Security
Knowledge Assets, Their Defense and Regulation—Making Them Work for You
Tech Scams: It’s Time to Release the Hounds Microsoft Corporation
The New Landscape of Airborne Cyberattacks Ben Seri , Armis
Playing Games in the Sandbox—Dynamic Analysis and Modern Evasion Tactics Sophos , Dynamic Protection, SophosLabs
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Ultrasonic Communications Ecosystem Giovanni Vigna , Lastline, Inc.
Implementing Biometrics in a Bank: How to Design the Best User Experience? Sberbank
ICS in the Cloud
CSA: Two Day CCSK v4 Plus Hands-On Course Rich Mogull
Shaping the Future of Security: Lessons from Today General Services Administration
Security Automation Simplified via NIST OSCAL: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Cybersecurity Silver Linings RSA
Compromising a Fortune 500 Business without Hacking a Thing!
SOC Statistics and Metrics that Matter
Threat Models: Into the Deep! Advanced Threat Research, McAfee
Remarks by the Honorable Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Enabling and Protecting Our Digital Future (DarkMatter)
Security in Connected/Autonomous Car Fleets GuardKnox Cyber Technologies
Quantum Computing Is Here, Powered by Open Source Konstantinos Karagiannis , BT Americas
Integrating Security with DevOps Toolchains
RSAC CyberSmart Parents Education Seminar: “Keeping Your Family Safe Online”
The Dark Web and How It Affects Your Industry Deloitte
Applying Cyber-Intelligence Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
Secrets of the Encrypted Internet—Worldwide Cryptographic Statistics
Pulling Our SOCs Up Vodafone Group plc
Wanted: Better Cybersecurity Job Descriptions. Apply Within.
Tech Debt and What to Do about It
Identifying threats outside the firewall with machine learning (ZeroFOX)
Perspectives from Government Leaders on Managing Global Partnerships
How the Best Hackers Learn Their Craft ForAllSecure
Shifting Organizational Culture through Cyber-Awareness Global Security Strategy and Awareness, United Airlines
Application Security—This Is the Future That SaaS Companies Want
The Untold Story of 8200: A Launching Point for Women in Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity and Data Breaches from a Business Lawyer’s Perspective Kathy Delaney Winger
Do Not Prepare for a Data Breach—On Second Thought, Prepare!
Dungeons and Data, Let’s Role Play an Incident Elastic
Closing the US Cyber-Skills Gap by Identifying and Motivating the Next Generation of Cyber-Experts SANS Institute
Effective Leadership Skills
Quantitative Information Security Risk Management
When in Russia: Hacking Vice Abroad Patrick Wardle , Digita Security
How-to for Innovators and Entrepreneurs Cybereason
Behind the Scenes of Cyber-Incident: APT Corp. Communications Case Study Kaspersky Lab
RSAC College Day Workforce 2020 – Exploring Infosec Careers
OPERATION: Dateline McAfee
GDPR and You: Common Sense Approach to Privacy GDPR Pros, LLC
IAPP: Security's Role in GDPR Compliance
Internet of Wild Things—A Mock Trial
DevOps Connect: DevSecOps
Building a Data-Driven Security Strategy Verizon
SANS: Securing The Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program SANS Institute
Keeping Up with Generation App: New Approaches for Cybersafety and Communicating with Kids
SANS Core NetWars Experience 4
Privacy as a Stakeholder: How to Get a Seat at the Table Booz Allen Hamilton
Securing the IoT Connected Car with Digital Identity ForgeRock
Turning DNS from Security Target into Security Tool Infoblox
Charting a Clear Course: Prioritizing Security Investments and Activities (overflow)
10 Tenets of CISO Success ThinkSec
Hacking Healthcare Live: Bits and Bytes Meet Flesh and Blood University of California Davis
...This Is Your Enterprise on O365 Federal Communications Commission
There’s No Such Thing as a Cyber-Risk
Google and Microsoft Debut: Replacing Passwords with FIDO2 Authentication Google Inc.
The NIST Cybersecurity Framework: What’s Next!
CSA Summit: Cloud 2018: Enterprise Grade Security
Evaluating AI- and ML-Based Security Products
Privileged Attack Vectors: Developing a Strategy to Protect your Business (BeyondTrust)
The Emerging Product Security Leader Discipline
Bug Bounty Buzzword Bingo—Deep Dive under a Jumped Shark Katie Moussouris , Luta Security, Inc.
IDPro: How a Professional Organization Will Change the Future of Identity Optiv
Exfiltrating Data through IoT
The Cryptographers’ Panel Adi Shamir
AI Deception: Fooling (Artificial) Intelligence Is Easier than You Think Itsik Mantin , Imperva
Order vs. Mad Science: Analyzing Black Hat Swarm Intelligence Fortinet, Inc.
Cebolla Chan 3.0: A Window into the Chaotic Spanish-Language Underground Flashpoint
Corpsec: “What Happened to Corpses A and B?” Duo Security
Big Little Lies—Truth on the New EU Regulations for ID and Data Protection D-Trust GmbH
Into the Web of Profit: Tracking the Proceeds of Cybercrime University of Surrey
Surviving Contact: Keeping Your CEO Employed and Your Business in Business
Cybersecurity and Mental Health Foundation Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
Predicting Exploitability—Forecasts for Vulnerability Management Kenna Security
The Price of Cyber-Warfare Microsoft Corporation
Securing Innovation: Shifting the Conversation from Fear to Possibility
Google on BeyondCorp: Empowering Employees with Security for the Cloud Era
AI and Cybersecurity - Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Security. Understanding and Defending Against Adversarial AI. IBM Research
The Emergent Cloud Security Toolchain for CI/CD Signal Sciences Corp.
Defeating Insider Threats to Critical Infrastructure
Fighting Malware with Graph Analytics: An End-to-End Case Study Infoblox
Gamification: Emerging Regulation (aka “Make Money and Avoid Jail”)
Enhance Virtualization Stack with Intel CET and MPX Xiaoning Li
Evolve or Die, How to Stop Getting Slaughtered Due to Bad Vulnerability Management
Blurred Lines: Hybrid Threats Posed by State-Sponsored Hackers
Age of the Machines in Cyber—Machine Learning and AI, the Next Frontier
Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts
How Secure Is the Hyper-Connected Car?
Hot Topics In Cyber-Law 2018
ISACA: CISM 2-Day Cram to the Max Course BAC
Economics of Security - Incentives, Behaviors, and more
The Future of Security for SecOps and NetOps (Gigamon)
A Framework to Effectively Develop Insider Threat Controls
The Sad Tale of Etaoin ShrdLu and the Danger of Automated Pen Tests Cybersecurity
Efficacy of Layered Application Security through the Lens of Hacker
RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest
How Cloud, Mobility and Shifting App Architectures Will Transform Security Security Products, VMware
Learning from the Three-Ring Circus of NotPetya Booz Allen Hamilton
POTUS Is Posting: Social Media and National Security Kenneth Geers , Comodo Group
Automotive, Aviation and Mobility Cybersecurity
The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals
How Open Source Components Increase Speed and Risk (Veracode)
The Promise of IoT Best Practices, Testing and Hazards of Inaction Terrell McSweeny , Federal Trade Commission
GDPR Essentials University of Washington
“The System...Is People!” Designing Effective Security UX Duo Security
SOC 2030—SOCs Are Broken. Let’s Fix Them. Palo Alto Networks
Exploring the Real-World Application Security Top 10 DevSecOps, Intuit
Identify Theft through OSINT
The Incident Response Class of 2018: Tactics and Tales from the Frontline
Debunking Myths for Cyber-Insurance
Infosec 101 for ICOs: How the Most “Secure” Transaction Protocol Failed Herjavec Group Inc.
STIX Patterning: Viva la Revolución! IBM Security
Open Source in Security-Critical Environments (repeat)
(ISC)2 CCSP® Cloud Security Professional Two Day Crash Course
Hype or Myth: Smart Home Security ESET
Security Foundations Fastly
Former NSA and Israeli Intelligence Directors on Resilience
From SIEM to SOC: Crossing the Cybersecurity Chasm Proficio
Investigative Journalists Speak Out
Meeting Business Needs by Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap
Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution Paul Kocher
Show Me the Money: Making the Cost-Benefit Pitch That Prevails (repeat) Morrison Consulting
Improving Mobile Authentication for Public Safety and First Responders NIST/NCCoE
Opening RSA
Cyberwar Game: Behind Closed Doors with the National Security Council
RSAC Dimension of Diversity—Opportunity to Co-create
Working with Board Committees and the C-suite CyberVista
DevOps and the Future of Enterprise Security ThinkSec
Google and Microsoft Debut: Replacing Passwords with FIDO2 Authentication (overflow) Google Inc.
Why Did We Make Security So Hard?
IoT and Critical Infrastructures: A Collision of Fundamentals?
What’s the holdup: Debunking Cloud Cybersecurity Misconceptions (iboss)
ISACA: CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals
SANS: Lethal Windows Forensic Analysis SANS Institute
Next Big Blockchain Applications Linux Foundation
Industrial Cyberattacks: A Quest for Nuance with Lessons from the Field Robert Lee , Dragos, Inc.
Ransomware and Destructive Attacks
ChaoSlingr: Introducing Security-Based Chaos Testing UnitedHealth Group
Trust and the Economics of Insecurity. Cylance
Business Executive Fundamentals: How to Beat the MBAs at Their Own Game CyberVista
Building Capacity in Global Incident Response
Efficacy of Layered Application Security through the Lens of Hacker (repeat)
Securing Diversity Palo Alto Networks
Privacy Essentials for Security Professionals CISO Spotlight, LLC
(ISC)2 CISSP® Two Day Crash Course Battelle Memorial Institute
The GDPR Is Only for Europe—Right?
Learning from the Three-Ring Circus of NotPetya (repeat) Booz Allen Hamilton
“No You May Not Have a Pony”—The Art of the Possible in Secure IAM Design
Online Trust: Do Execs, Consumers & Security Pros Define It Differently? (CA Technologies)
Risk-Based Approach to Deployment of Omnichannel Biometrics in Sberbank Sberbank
The Top Nine Factors for Effective Data Protection Controls Verizon
Millennials in Cybersecurity
Turtles, Trust and the Future of Cybersecurity (Varonis Systems)
Evolution of AI Bots for Real-Time Adaptive Security
Cybersecurity Capability Readiness: Necessary Conversations, Next Steps
How Govt and Private Industry Can Work Together to Strengthen Human and Device Identity Management General Electric
Strategic Cyber-Actions and How They Could Affect Your Company
Dos and Don'ts of DevSecOps Carnegie Mellon University
Trust as a Service—Beyond the Blockchain Hype (Verizon)
A General Introduction to Modern Cryptography Microsoft Corporation
Hello, Moscow. Greetings, Beijing. Addressing Risk in Your IT Supply Chain General Services Administration
Secure the Digital Transformation without Breaking the Bank (One Identity)
It’s in the Air(waves): Deconstructing 2017’s Biggest RF Attacks Cruise Automation
From IT to IoT: Bridging the Growing Cybersecurity Divide AT&T
Measuring and Modeling Human Trafficking: A Data-Driven Approach North Carolina State University
GPS Spoofing: No Longer a Fish Story APERIO Systems