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Title Humans
The Trust Landscape Entrepreneur
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Measuring the Impact of a Data Breach (Repeat) Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Results of the (ISC)² Workforce Survey
SANS: Lethal Threat Hunting and Incident Response Techniques
Cybersecurity Canon Palo Alto Networks
Is HTTPS Making Us Less Secure?
First-Timers Meet-Up Wednesday
Champagne Cyber on a Beer Budget David Nathans
RSAC College Day Exploring Infosec Careers
Fixing the Mess of IoT Security Pen Test Partners
Smart Secure Cities Seal
SANS: Automating Information Security with Python
Security, Privacy and Human Behavior University of Central Florida
Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proofs—Privacy-Preserving Authentication KPMG
12 Ways to Hack 2FA KnowBe4, Inc.
RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest
Engineering Trust and Security in the Cloud Era, Based on Early Lessons Google Inc.
The State of the Union on Cyber-Intelligence Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
SANS: Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing and Auditing
Security Foundations
Secure Innovation in Public Cloud, Myth or Reality?
Rise of the Machines: Staying Ahead of the Next Threat
Lesson Learned: What I Have Experienced While Implementing GDPR Casinos Austria AG
How CTI Can Play a Key Role to Get Security on Board
Defining a Cyber-Risk Appetite That Works (Repeat)
Securing Industrial IoT and ICS
Internet of Food: How IoT Threatens Fields, Farms and Factories Trend Micro, Inc.
Cheaper by the Dozen: Application Security on a Limited Budget
Will Your Application Be Secure Enough When Robots Produce Code for You? Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
Do You Know Your Organization’s Top 10 Security Risks? (Overflow)
Wireless Offense and Defense, Explained and Demonstrated!
CyberSmart Parents Education Seminar—Keeping Your Family Safe Online
Laboratories of Cyber-Innovation: States Leading the Way
The Cryptographers’ Panel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ICS Village Sandbox - Wednesday Small Talks
What Makes a Good KRI? Using FAIR to Discover Meaningful Metrics
Harnessing the Law of Data Gravity: Cyber-Defense and the Hybrid Cloud Microsoft Corporation
What Does Cyber-Insurance Really Bring to the Table and…Are You Covered?
Privacy Essentials for Security Professionals
Context-Based Data Sensitivity Classification
DevSecOps for the Rest of Us! BECU
Responding to and Recovering from Cybersecurity Incidents Department of Homeland Security
Securing Intel PC for FIDO Support: Industry Standard to Remove Passwords Intel Corporation
Behind the Headlines: A Public-Private Discourse on Cyber-Defense National Security Agency
Don’t Hand Me That! The Art of Incident Analysis CSIRT, Union Bank
Intelligence-Driven Industrial Security with Case Studies in ICS Attacks Robert Lee , Dragos, Inc.
What Sennacherib Taught Me about Security: How to Translate Cyber-Speak Oracle Corporation
An Intelligent Approach to Beating Global Cybersecurity Threats (Oracle)
Anatomy of Phishing Campaigns: A Gmail Perspective Google Inc.
Women's Leadership Celebration Reception
Attack Vectors in Orbit: The Need for IoT and Satellite Security Trend Micro, Inc.
Cybersecurity Silo-Busters 1, Cyberthreat Actors 0 (Game in Progress)
Cryptojacking Meets IoT LMG Security
She Speaks Security: Gaining Confidence Speaking and Submitting to Speak CERT , CMU
Social Media as a Compliance Risk
Rethinking Efficient Third-Party Risk Management Booz Allen Hamilton
Building a Leading Cloud Security Program Capital One
A Cloud Security Architecture Workshop Instructor , SANS Institute
The FBI: At the Heart of Combating Cyberthreats Federal Bureau of Investigation
AppSec, Product Security Leaders, etc.—Meet-Up of Practitioners Honeywell Building Technologies
Cutting the Wrong Wire: How a Clumsy Hacker Exposed a Global Cyberattack Morphus Labs
Aviation Cybersecurity: Keeping the Wings On
Joining Forces: Transforming Cybersecurity through Diversity and Data Palo Alto Networks
Speed of Trust Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
SANS: Security Awareness - How to Build, Maintain and Measure a Mature Awareness Program
ATT&CK in Practice: A Primer to Improve Your Cyber-Defense MITRE Corporation
Use Model to Deconstruct Threats: Detect Intrusion by Statistical Learning Alibaba Group Holding Limited
CSA Summit: CSA 10
Automated Fault Analysis of Block Cipher Implementations Underwriters Laboratories
IoT Village Sandbox - Thursday Small Talks
New Rules: Comparing the CA Consumer Privacy Act and EU GDPR—What Every Security Professional Needs to Know (Overflow)
Business Email Compromise: Operation Wire Wire and New Attack Vectors
Strong Authentication, Phishing and FIDO The World Bank Group
Do You Know Your Organization’s Top 10 Security Risks?
2028 Future State: Long Live the Firewall? Adam Shostack
Automating Security Controls Using Models and Security Orchestration
In the Wake of an Attack: Thoughts from a Seasoned CISO
Designing Effective Security UX: If It’s Not Usable, It’s Not Secure
Internal Combustion: The Insider Threat to Industrial Control Systems (Fortiphyd Logic)
How to Successfully Implement a Zero Trust Security Model Cyxtera Federal Group, Cyxtera Technologies, Inc.
Wireless Village Sandbox - Wednesday Small Talks
Building—and Keeping—Your Cybersecurity Team with Nontraditional Staff Cyxtera Federal Group, Cyxtera Technologies, Inc.
ATT&CK in Practice: A Primer to Improve Your Cyber-Defense (Overflow) MITRE Corporation
Expense in Depth: Managing Your Total Cost of Controls
SANS Core NetWars Experience Counter Hack Challenges
Rethinking Efficient Third-Party Risk Management (Overflow) Booz Allen Hamilton
Why Pen Testing Sucks Right Now, and How You Can Fix It
The Rise of the Cyber-Culture Hacker Global Security Strategy and Awareness, United Airlines
Zero-Trust Privilege for the Modern Threatscape (Centrify)
Procuring IoT: Purchasing Guidance for Government Officials National Risk Management Center Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security
Hunting the Hunters: Going Behind Enemy Lines (Trustwave)
Live Adversary Simulation: Red and Blue Team Tactics (Overflow) SANS Institute
(ISC)2 Security Architecture
Developing Key Performance Indicators for Security
Hot Topics in Cyber-Law 2019
Blockchain Augmentation of the Trusted Supply Chain Intel Corporation
The Digital Risk Dilemma: How to Protect What You Don’t Control IntSights Cyber Intelligence
(Girl) Scouting for Talent: The Solution in the Next Generation
Nation-States Behaving Badly: The Evolving Rules of the Game in Cyberspace
A Separate Network for Critical Infrastructure: Is It a Good Idea? Exelon
Getting Practical with Addressing Risks in OT Networks: Where to Start? Claroty
Key Management Architectures for Multinational Compliance CipherCloud
IAPP: Understanding the CCPA
Power Pause – Mindfulness & Movement
Threat Hunting Using 16th-Century Math and Sesame Street Walmart
Job Search 2019 – Interview Skills and Resume Review Workshop Google Inc.
Security Awareness Design Training, EY
How-To for Innovators and Entrepreneurs Chris Wysopal , Veracode
Blackbox Interpretability: Next Frontier in Adversarial ML Evasion Holly Stewart , Microsoft Corporation
Hacking the Human: Special Edition
Container Security at the Speed of CI/CD HealthStream
Threat Modeling in 2019 Adam Shostack
Evolution of AI-Bot Swarming Intelligence with Robots
Opening Entrepreneur
Grappling with Zero-Trust Networking: How Are You Doing It? MITRE , NIST/NCCoE
Decentralized Identity: No Promises Edition Microsoft Corporation
Mushrooming Economic Inequality Menaces Security: Here’s How to Fix It
Advancing Incident Response in the Age of New Compliance Requirements CrowdStrike, Inc.
In 9 Months, You Could Be Fined for a CCPA Violation. Want to Know Why? (Netwrix)
Why the Role of CISO Sucks and What We Should Do to Fix It! Carbon Black
99 Security Products and You Still Got Breached? Palo Alto Networks
Kubernetes Deployments: How Not to Get Hacked (Thales eSecurity Inc.)
Shadow IoT Hacking the Corporate Environment: Office as the New Smart Home Avast
Improving Outcomes of Due-Diligence with Small Businesses Corporate Information Technologies, Corp
ISACA: CISM Two-Day Cram to the Max Course
To Pay or Not to Pay: A Ransom Discussion
Live Adversary Simulation: Red and Blue Team Tactics SANS Institute
Tales from the PSIRT: 10 Years of Bugs, Vulnerabilities and CVEs Aruba Networks / HPE
De-Bugging Legal Issues in Bug Bounty Programs and VDP Lane Powell PC
Stress, Burnout and You: Fireside Chat with Dr. Christina Maslach
Risks and Results: Counter-Risks to the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
Why Data-Driven Personalized Journeys Are the Future of Security Training Autodesk
Is an NTSB for Cyber a Good Idea? Northeastern University
Hindsight and 2020: A Clear-Eyed Look at Shared Responsibil-I-o-T
(ISC)2 CISSP® Certified Information Systems Security Professional Introduction
Vulnerabilities: What Is the Future CERT , CMU
CSA: The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK)—Plus Training
Using Machine Learning to Improve Security Predictions Data Science Applied Research, McAfee
What’s Your Game Plan? Leveraging Apple’s Game Engine to Detect Threats (Repeat) Patrick Wardle , Digita Security
First-Timers Meet-Up Thursday
Hacking and Hardening Kubernetes (Overflow) InGuardians
The SMB Is Under Attack and We Need to Help SolarWinds
Five Secrets to Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent in Your Future Workplace Aligned at Work
Building Identity for an Open Perimeter Netflix, Inc.
Context-Wrapped Security: Driving Down Business Risk (BAE Systems)
Welcome Reception
Key Management and Protection: Evaluation of Hardware, Tokens, TEEs and MPC KU Leuven
Detect and Block Web App Attacks — Before They Strike Your Business (Arxan)
CyberSafety Prognosis for Doctors and Hospitals: Medical’s Last Mile?
Lesson Learned: What I Have Experienced While Implementing GDPR (Overflow) Casinos Austria AG
Future-Proof Cybersecurity Strategy
Leverage the Latest Threat Intelligence to Stay Ahead of Cyberthreats (SonicWall)
A New Employer-Driven Model of Cyber-Workforce Development for Dell Dell
Are Spoof-Proof Biometrics Really Possible? Clarkson University, Center for Identification Technology Research
Kubernetes Runtime Security: What Happens if a Container Goes Bad? Google Inc.
STIR SHAKE’N SIP to Stop Robocalling Comcast
First-Timers Orientation & Networking Reception
Election Hacking Is No Longer Theoretical: Russians Are Pwning Our Votes Johns Hopkins University
The Detrimental Nature of Proofs of Work, and Risks to Cryptocurrencies Egni Inc.
Phantom Menace, Episode I? The Attack That Undressed the Mexican Banks in ’18 Scotiabank
Empowering International Security Teams (Repeat) Elevate Security
The Need for 100 Percent Anonymitity to Make the Internet More Secure
SANS Core NetWars Experience – Intro to Capture the Flag Counter Hack Challenges
Emerging Threats Candid Wueest , Symantec
Lightning in a Bottle, or Burning Down the House? McAfee, LLC
Hearing Voices: The Cybersecurity Pro’s View of the Profession
Psybersecurity Foundation Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
Solving Our Cybersecurity Talent Shortage
Cybersecurity and Hospital Infection Control: Overlaps and Opportunities
Humans Are Awesome at Risk Management Akamai Technologies
Hacking and Hardening Kubernetes InGuardians
Anatomy of an Enterprise Mobile Security Incident (Repeat)
Follow-Up to LAW-T06: Hot Topics in Cyber-Law 2019 The MITRE Corporation
“Next-Next-Gen Security 3.0”: Truth and Lies
How Long to Boom: Understanding and Measuring ICS Hacker Maturity Dragos
Introduction to Defending the Enterprise Using Automated SecOps Dolby
Cyber Collective Defense: Can Companies (and the Gov’t) Really Collaborate? Jamil Jaffer , National Security Institute , George Mason University Law School
Security Learns to Sprint: DevSecOps Microsoft Corporation
Connected Cars: A Security and Privacy by Design Study 10 Years in the Making (Repeat)
DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day @ RSAC
Doing Security Orchestration, Automation and Response before It Was Born Aflac Inc.
Supply Chain Security for Critical Energy Infrastructure
Advanced Smart Contract Hacking Konstantinos Karagiannis , BT Americas
Passwords and Patching: The Forgotten Building Blocks of Enterprise Security Microsoft Corporation
Smart Connected Devices and Security
Regulating Cyber(in)security as a Public Bad University of Maryland University College
Infecting the Embedded Supply Chain in8 Solutions
Effectiveness vs. Efficiency: 10 Capabilities of the Modern SOC Splunk
The NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Building on Success
Nation-State Exploitation of Cryptocurrencies
Lessons Learned in Automating Decision-Making: Pitfalls and Opportunities Bank of America
Future Forests: Realistic Strategies for AD Security & “Red Forest” Architecture MWR InfoSecurity
From Ephemeral Infrastructure to Ephemeral Communications
SOC Automation, Enterprise Blueprinting and Hunting Using Open-Source Tools Carbon Black
Identity = Security (Neustar)
Software Bill of Materials: Progress toward Transparency of Third-Party Code Allan Friedman , NTIA / US Department of Commerce
AI and Machine Learning: Managing the Risks of Major Lawsuits
12 Ways to Hack 2FA (Overflow) KnowBe4, Inc.
(ISC)2 CCSP® Cloud Security Professional Two-Day Crash Course
Top 10 Security Disasters in ML: How Laurel and Yanny Replaced Alice and Bob Davi Ottenheimer
Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy to Close an IoT Gap