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Title Humans
Abusing XSLT for Practical Attacks Fernando Arnaboldi , IOActive, Inc.
Repurposing OnionDuke: A Single Case Study Around Reusing Nation State Malware Joshua Pitts , Leviathan Security Group
Harnessing Intelligence from Malware Repositories Arun Lakhotia , Vivek Notani , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Broadcasting Your Attack: Security Testing DAB Radio in Cars Andy Davis , NCC Group
WSUSpect - Compromising the Windows Enterprise via Windows Update Paul Stone , Alex Chapman , Context Information Security Ltd.
How to Implement IT Security After a Cyber Meltdown Christina Kubecka , HypaSec
How Vulnerable are We to Scams? Markus Jakobsson , Ting-Fang Yen , ZapFraud , DataVisor, Inc.
Defeating Pass-the-Hash: Separation of Powers Seth Moore , Baris Saydag , Microsoft Corporation
Bypass Control Flow Guard Comprehensively Yunhai Zhang , NSFOCUS
Pen Testing a City Greg Conti , Tom Cross , David Raymond , West Point , Drawbridge Networks , USMA
Forging the USB Armory an Open Source Secure Flash-Drive-Sized Computer Andrea Barisani , Daniele Bianco , Inverse Path S.r.l.
ROPInjector: Using Return Oriented Programming for Polymorphism and Antivirus Evasion Giorgos Poulios , Christoforos Ntantogian , Christos Xenakis , University of Piraeus, Department of Digital Systems
Attacking Your Trusted Core: Exploiting Trustzone on Android Di Shen
CrackLord: Maximizing Password Cracking Boxes Lucas Morris , Michael McAtee , Crowe Horwath LLP
Internet-Facing PLCs - A New Back Orifice Johannes Klick , Stephan Lau , Daniel Marzin , Jan-Ole Malchow , Volker Roth , SCADACS (Freie Universität Berlin)
Faux Disk Encryption: Realities of Secure Storage on Mobile Devices Daniel Mayer , Drew Suarez , NCC Group
Staying Persistent in Software Defined Networks Gregory Pickett , Hellfire Security
Fingerprints on Mobile Devices: Abusing and Leaking Yulong Zhang , Tao Wei , FireEye, Inc.
Understanding and Managing Entropy Usage Bruce Potter , Sasha Wood , KEYW Corporation , KEYW Coproration
The Nodejs Highway: Attacks are at Full Throttle Maty Siman , Amit Ashbel , Checkmarx
Optimized Fuzzing IOKit in iOS Lei Long , Peng Xiao , Aimin Pan , Mobile Security of Alibaba
ThunderStrike 2: Sith Strike Trammell Hudson , Xeno Kovah , Corey Kallenberg , Two Sigma , LegbaCore , The MITRE Corporation
These are Not Your Grand Daddys CPU Performance Counters - CPU Hardware Performance Counters for Security Nishad Herath , Anders Fogh , Qualys, Inc. , Protect Software GmbH
Most Ransomware Isnt as Complex as You Might Think Engin Kirda , Lastline, Inc.
BGP Stream Dan Hubbard , Andree Toonk , OpenDNS
Fuzzing Android System Services by Binder Call to Escalate Privilege Guang Gong , Qihoo 360
Taxonomic Modeling of Security Threats in Software Defined Networking Jennia Hizver
ZigBee Exploited the Good the Bad and the Ugly Tobias Zillner , Sebastian Strobl , Cognosec GmbH
Defeating Machine Learning: What Your Security Vendor is Not Telling You Bob Klein , Ryan Peters , BluVector
Attacking ECMAScript Engines with Redefinition Natalie Silvanovich , Google Inc.
FileCry - The New Age of XXE Xiaoran Wang , Sergey Gorbaty , Salesforce
The Tactical Application Security Program: Getting Stuff Done Cory Scott , David Cintz , LinkedIn
Android Security State of the Union Adrian Ludwig , Google Inc.
GameOver Zeus: Badguys and Backends Elliott Peterson , Michael Sandee , Tillmann Werner , FBI , Fox-IT , CrowdStrike, Inc.
Web Timing Attacks Made Practical Timothy Morgan , Jason Morgan , Blindspot Security LLC , The Ohio State University
Battle of the SKM and IUM: How Windows 10 Rewrites OS Architecture Alex Ionescu , CrowdStrike, Inc.
Dance Like Nobodys Watching Encrypt Like Everyone Is: A Peek Inside the Black Hat Network Neil Wyler , Bart Stump
Exploiting the DRAM Rowhammer Bug to Gain Kernel Privileges Mark Seaborn , Halvar Flake , Google Inc.
The Battle for Free Speech on the Internet Matthew Prince , CloudFlare
Stagefright: Scary Code in the Heart of Android Joshua Drake , Zimperium
Assessing and Exploiting BigNum Vulnerabilities Ralf-Philipp Weinmann , Comsecuris
Behind the Mask: The Agenda Tricks and Tactics of the Federal Trade Commission as they Regulate Cybersecurity Michael Daugherty , LabMD
HI THIS IS URGENT PLZ FIX ASAP: Critical Vulnerabilities and Bug Bounty Programs Kymberlee Price , Bugcrowd
Back Doors and Front Doors Breaking the Unbreakable System James Denaro , Matthew Green , CipherLaw , Johns Hopkins University
Review and Exploit Neglected Attack Surfaces in iOS 8 Tielei Wang , HAO XU , Xiaobo Chen , PanguTeam
Bypass Surgery Abusing Content Delivery Networks with Server-Side-Request Forgery (SSRF) Flash and DNS Mike Brooks , Matthew Bryant , BishopFox , Bishop Fox
Stranger Danger! What is the Risk from 3rd Party Libraries? Jake Kouns , Risk Based Security
Panel: Getting It Right: Straight Talk on Threat & Information Sharing Trey Ford , Kevin Bankston , Rebekah Brown , Brian Engle , Mark Hammell , Rapid7 , Open Technology Institute , Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center , Facebook
Attacking Hypervisors Using Firmware and Hardware Yuriy Bulygin , Alexander Matrosov , Mikhail Gorobets , Oleksandr Bazhaniuk , Intel Security, Advanced Threat Research , Intel Corporation , Intel Security
Panel: How the Wassenaar Arrangements Export Control of Intrusion Software Affects the Security Industry Kim Zetter , Collin Anderson , Nate Cardozo , Katie Moussouris , Dino Dai Zovi , Adriel Desautels , Wired , EFF , HackerOne , Square , Netragard, Inc.
Spread Spectrum Satcom Hacking: Attacking the GlobalStar Simplex Data Service Colby Moore , Synack
From False Positives to Actionable Analysis: Behavioral Intrusion Detection Machine Learning and the SOC Joseph Zadeh , Splunk
Advanced IC Reverse Engineering Techniques: In Depth Analysis of a Modern Smart Card Olivier Thomas , Texplained
Distributing the Reconstruction of High-Level Intermediate Representation for Large Scale Malware Analysis Rodrigo Branco , Gabriel Negreira Barbosa , Eugene Rodionov , Alexander Matrosov , Intel Corporation
SMBv2: Sharing More than Just Your Files Jonathan Brossard , Hormazd Billimoria ,
Big Game Hunting: The Peculiarities of Nation-State Malware Research Morgan Marquis-Boire , Marion Marschalek , Claudio Guarnieri , Citizen Lab, University of Toronto , Cyphort, Inc.
Is the NSA Still Listening to Your Phone Calls? A Surveillance Debate: Congressional Success or Epic Fail Mark Jaycox , Jamil Jaffer , Electronic Frontier Foundation , George Mason University School of Law
How to Hack Government: Technologists as Policy Makers Ashkan Soltani , Terrell McSweeny , Federal Trade Commission
Writing Bad @$$ Malware for OS X Patrick Wardle , Synack
Remote Physical Damage 101 - Bread and Butter Attacks Jason Larsen , IOActive, Inc.
Deep Learning on Disassembly Matt Wolff , Andrew Davis , Cylance
Exploiting XXE Vulnerabilities in File Parsing Functionality Willis Vandevanter , Silent Robot Systems
TrustKit: Code Injection on iOS 8 for the Greater Good Alban Diquet , Eric Castro , Angela On-kit Chow , Data Theorem , Yahoo!
Breaking Access Controls with BLEKey Eric Evenchick , Mark Baseggio , Accuvant
When IoT Attacks: Hacking a Linux-Powered Rifle Runa A. Sandvik , Michael Auger
Certifi-gate: Front-Door Access to Pwning Millions of Androids Ohad Bobrov , Avi Bashan , Check Point
Subverting Satellite Receivers for Botnet and Profit Sofiane Talmat , IOActive, Inc.
The Lifecycle of a Revolution Jennifer Granick , Stanford Center for Internet and Society
Take a Hacker to Work Day - How Federal Prosecutors Use the CFAA Leonard Bailey , Department of Justice
The NSA Playset: A Year of Toys and Tools Michael Ossmann , Great Scott Gadgets
THIS IS DeepERENT: Tracking App Behaviors with (Nothing Changed) Phone for Evasive Android Malware Yeongung Park , Jun Young Choi , ETRI
Ah! Universal Android Rooting is Back Wen Xu , KeenTeam
Abusing Silent Mitigations - Understanding Weaknesses Within Internet Explorers Isolated Heap and MemoryProtection Brian Gorenc , Abdul-Aziz Hariri , Simon Zuckerbraun , Zero Day Initiative, HP Security Research , Hewlett-Packard Company
Hidden Risks of Biometric Identifiers and How to Avoid Them Thomas Keenan , University of Calgary
Bringing a Cannon to a Knife Fight Adam Kozy , Johannes Gilger , CrowdStrike, Inc.
Information Access and Information Sharing: Where We are and Where We are Going Alejandro Mayorkas , Department of Homeland Security
Taking Event Correlation with You Rob King , KoreLogic, Inc.
Data-Driven Threat Intelligence: Metrics on Indicator Dissemination and Sharing Alex Pinto , Alexandre Sieira , Niddel
The Kali Linux Dojo Workshop #1: Rolling Your Own - Generating Custom Kali Linux 20 ISOs Mati Aharoni , Kali Linux Project
The Memory Sinkhole - Unleashing an x86 Design Flaw Allowing Universal Privilege Escalation Christopher Domas
Dom Flow - Untangling the DOM for More Easy-Juicy Bugs Ahamed Nafeez
Breaking HTTPS with BGP Hijacking Artyom Gavrichenkov , Qrator Labs
Social Engineering the Windows Kernel: Finding and Exploiting Token Handling Vulnerabilities James Forshaw , Google Inc.
The Kali Linux Dojo Workshop #2: Kali USB Setups with Persistent Stores and LUKS Nuke Support
Rocking the Pocket Book: Hacking Chemical Plant for Competition and Extortion Marina Krotofil , European Network for Cyber Security
The Applications of Deep Learning on Traffic Identification Zhanyi Wang , Chuanming Huang , Zhuo Zhang , Bo Liu , Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd
Return to Where? You Cant Exploit What You Cant Find Christopher Liebchen , Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi , Andrei Homescu , Stephen Crane , Technische Universität Darmstadt , Intel CRI-SC , University of California, Irvine
The Little Pump Gauge that Could: Attacks Against Gas Pump Monitoring Systems Kyle Wilhoit , Stephen Hilt , Trend Micro, Inc.
Internet-Scale File Analysis Zachary Hanif , Tamas Lengyel , George Webster , Novetta , Technical University Munich
Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle Charlie Miller , Chris Valasek , Twitter , IOActive, Inc.
Red vs Blue: Modern Active Directory Attacks Detection and Protection Sean Metcalf , DAn Solutions
Server-Side Template Injection: RCE for the Modern Web App James Kettle , PortSwigger Web Security
Targeted Takedowns: Minimizing Collateral Damage Using Passive DNS Paul Vixie , Farsight Security, Inc.
Switches Get Stitches Colin Cassidy , Robert Lee , Eireann Leverett , IOActive, Inc. , Dragos Security LLC , Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies
Breaking Honeypots for Fun and Profit Dean Sysman , Gadi Evron , Itamar Sher , Cymmetria
API Deobfuscator: Resolving Obfuscated API Functions in Modern Packers Seokwoo Choi
Unicorn: Next Generation CPU Emulator Framework Hoang-Vu Dang , Coseinc , UIUC , Nguyen Anh Quynh
Abusing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to Build a Persistent Asynchronous and Fileless Backdoor Matthew Graeber
Breaking Payloads with Runtime Code Stripping and Image Freezing Collin Mulliner , Matthias Neugschwandtner , Northeastern University , IBM Zurich
Securing Your Big Data Environment Ajit Gaddam , VISA, Inc.
Graphic Content Ahead: Towards Automated Scalable Analysis of Graphical Images Embedded in Malware Alex Long , Invincea Labs
My Bro the ELK: Obtaining Context from Security Events Travis Smith , Tripwire
Bring Back the Honeypots Haroon Meer , Marco Slaviero , Thinkst
Understanding the Attack Surface and Attack Resilience of Project Spartans New EdgeHTML Rendering Engine Mark Vincent Yason , IBM
Exploiting Out-of-Order Execution for Covert Cross-VM Communication Sophia D'Antoine , Trail of Bits
Using Static Binary Analysis to Find Vulnerabilities and Backdoors in Firmware Christopher Kruegel , Yan Shoshitaishvili , Lastline, Inc. , UC Santa Barbara
Adventures in Femtoland: 350 Yuan for Invaluable Fun Alexey Osipov , Alexander Zaitsev
Internet Plumbing for Security Professionals: The State of BGP Security Wim Remes , Rapid7
Emanate Like a Boss: Generalized Covert Data Exfiltration with Funtenna Ang Cui , Columbia University
Commercial Mobile Spyware - Detecting the Undetectable Joshua Dalman , Valerie Hantke , Fidelis Cybersecurity, Inc.
Why Security Data Science Matters and How Its Different: Pitfalls and Promises of Data Science Based Breach Detection and Threat Intelligence Joshua Saxe , Invincea Labs
Mobile Point of Scam: Attacking the Square Reader Alexandrea Mellen , John Moore , Artem Losev , Boston University
Attacking Interoperability - An OLE Edition Haifei Li , Bing Sun , Intel Security Group
Winning the Online Banking War Sean Park , Trend Micro, Inc.
Crash & Pay: How to Own and Clone Contactless Payment Devices Peter Fillmore
Automated Human Vulnerability Scanning with AVA Laura Bell , SafeStack Limited
Cloning 3G/4G SIM Cards with a PC and an Oscilloscope: Lessons Learned in Physical Security Yu Yu , Shanghai Jiao Tong University