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CLOSING KEYNOTE: The Beginning of the End? A Return to the Abyss for a Quick Look HITBSecConf2019 - Amsterdam
Playing Through the Pain? - The Impact of Secrets and Dark Knowledge on Security and Intelligence Professionals DEF CON 24
Samsung Pay: Tokenized Numbers, Flaws and Issues DEF CON 24
Hacking the Human Body/brain: Identity Shift, the Shape of a New Self, and Humanity 2.0 DEF CON 23
Welcome Keynote – Thinking Beyond the Edges: The Tools are in Your Hands HITB Haxpo 2015
CLOSING KEYNOTE – Hacking as Practice for Transplanetary Life in the 21st Century: How Hackers Frame the Pictures in Which Others Live HITBSecConf2014 – Malaysia
The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction: The Dynamics of Life in the National Security State DEF CON 22