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Title Humans
Attacking the Internet of Things using Time Paul McMillan , Nebula
Burner Phone DDOS 2 dollars a day : 70 Calls a Minute Weston Hecker
DEF CON 101 - The Talk HighWiz , Pyr0 , Roamer , LosT
Anatomy of a Pentest; Poppin' Boxes like a Pro PushPin
The Monkey in the Middle: A pentesters guide to playing in traffic. Anch
Panel — Surveillance on the Silver Screen- Fact or Fiction? Nicole Ozer , Kevin Bankston , Timothy Edgar , ACLU of California , New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute , Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University
AWS for Hackers Beaker
Shellcodes for ARM: Your Pills Don't Work on Me, x86 Svetlana Gaivoronski , Ivan Petrov , Moscow State University, Russia
The Open Crypto Audit Project Kenneth White , Matthew Green , Open Crypto Audit Project , Johns Hopkins University
Open Source Fairy Dust John Menerick , Netsuite
Elevator Hacking - From the Pit to the Penthouse Deviant Ollam , Howard Payne , The CORE Group
One Man Shop: Building an effective security program all by yourself
ShareEnum: We Wrapped Samba So You Don’t Have To Lucas Morris , Michael McAtee , Crowe Horwath LLP
Advanced Red Teaming: All Your Badges Are Belong To Us Eric Smith , Josh Perrymon , LARES
NSA Playset: DIY WAGONBED Hardware Implant over I2C Josh Datko , Teddy Reed , Cryptotronix, LLC
RFIDler: SDR.RFID.FTW Major Malfunction , Zac Franken
Check Your Fingerprints: Cloning the Strong Set Richard Klafter (Free) , Eric Swanson (Lachesis) , Optimizely
The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction: The Dynamics of Life in the National Security State Richard Thieme , ThiemeWorks
From root to SPECIAL: Pwning IBM Mainframes Philip “Soldier of Fortran” Young
USB for all! Jesse Michael , Mickey Shkatov
Blinding The Surveillance State Christopher Soghoian , American Civil Liberties Union
Extreme Privilege Escalation On Windows 8/UEFI Systems Corey Kallenberg , Xeno Kovah , MITRE
NinjaTV - Increasing Your Smart TV’s IQ Without Bricking It Felix Leder , Blue Coat Norway
Optical Surgery; Implanting a DropCam Patrick Wardle , Colby Moore , Synack
Empowering Hackers to Create a Positive Impact Keren Elazari
Secure Random By Default Dan Kaminsky , White Ops
DEF CON Comedy Jam Part VII, Is This The One With The Whales? David Mortman , Rich Mogull , Chris Hoff , Dave Maynor , Larry Pesce , James Arlen , Rob Graham , Alex Rothman Shostack
I Hunt TR-069 Admins: Pwning ISPs Like a Boss Shahar Tal , Check Point Software Technologies
NSA Playset : GSM Sniffing Pierce , Loki
The Internet of Fails: Where IoT Has Gone Wrong and How We're Making It Right Mark Stanislav , Zach Lanier , Duo Security
Weaponizing Your Pets: The War Kitteh and the Denial of Service Dog Gene Bransfield , Tenacity Solutions, Inc.
The Cavalry Year[0] & a Path Forward for Public Safety Joshua Corman , Nicholas J Percoco , Sonatype , Rapid7
Girl… Fault-Interrupted. Maggie Jauregui
Masquerade: How a Helpful Man-in-the-Middle Can Help You Evade Monitoring. Ryan Lackey , Marc Rogers , The Grugq , CryptoSeal, Inc. , Lookout
A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces Charlie Miller , Chris Valasek , Twitter , IOActive, Inc.
From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love: Case Studies In Insider Threat Tess Schrodinger
Panel: Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties Kurt Opsahl , Nate Cardozo , Mark Jaycox , Yan Zhu , Eva Galperin , Electronic Frontier Foundation , EFF
Saving Cyberspace by Reinventing File Sharing Eijah
Instrumenting Point-of-Sale Malware: A Case Study in Communicating Malware Analysis More Effectively Wesley McGrew , Mississippi State University
Practical Aerial Hacking & Surveillance Glenn Wilkinson , SensePost
Why Don’t You Just Tell Me Where The ROP Isn’t Suppose To Go David Dorsey , Click Security
PropLANE: Kind of keeping the NSA from watching you pee Rob Bathurst , Russ Rogers , Mark Carey , Ryan Clarke
Is This Your Pipe? Hijacking the Build Pipeline. Kyle Kelley , Greg Anderson , Rackspace
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Eve Found There Luca "kaeso" Bruno , Mariano "emdel" Graziano , Eurecom
Playing with Car Firmware or How to Brick your Car Paul Such 0x222 , Agix , SCRT
DEF CON the Mystery, Myth and Legend
Screw Becoming A Pentester - When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Bug Bounty Hunter! Jake Kouns , Carsten Eiram , Risk Based Security
Measuring the IQ of your Threat Intelligence feeds Alex Pinto , Kyle Maxwell , MLSec Project
PoS Attacking the Traveling Salesman Alex Zacharis , Tsagkarakis Nikolaos , Census
How to Disclose an Exploit Without Getting in Trouble Jim Denaro , Tod Beardsley , CipherLaw , Metasploit project
Raspberry MoCA - A recipe for compromise Andrew Hunt , Bechtel
Detecting Bluetooth Surveillance Systems Grant Bugher , Perimeter Grid
Bug Bounty Programs Evolution Nir Valtman
Android Hacker Protection Level 0 Tim Strazzere , Jon Sawyer , Applied Cybersecurity LLC
Old Skewl Hacking: Porn Free! Major Malfunction
Am I Being Spied On? Low-tech Ways Of Detecting High-tech Surveillance Dr. Phil Polstra , Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Panel: Ephemeral Communications: Why and How? Ryan Lackey , Jon Callas , Elissa Shevinsky , CryptoSeal, Inc. , Silent Circle , Glimpse
Protecting SCADA From the Ground Up AlxRogan
What the Watchers See: Eavesdropping on Municipal Mesh Cameras for Giggles (or Pure Evil) Dustin Hoffman , Thomas (TK) Kinsey , Exigent Systems Inc.
Weird-Machine Motivated Practical Page Table Shellcode & Finding Out What's Running on Your System Shane Macaulay , Cloud Security, IOActive
Catching Malware En Masse: DNS and IP Style Dhia Mahjoub , Thibault Reuille , Andree Toonk , OpenDNS , OpenDNS Inc
Generating ROP payloads from numbers Alexandre Moneger , Cisco Systems
Meddle: Framework for Piggy-back Fuzzing and Tool Development Geoff McDonald , Microsoft Corporation
Don't DDoS Me Bro: Practical DDoS Defense Blake Self , Shawn "cisc0ninja" Burrell , SOLDIERX Crew
Paging SDR... Why should the NSA have all the fun? Xaphan , n00bz
Hacking the FBI: How & Why to Liberate Government Records Ryan Noah Shapiro , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dark Mail Ladar Levison , Stephen Watt , Lavabit, LLC
Oh Bother, Cruising The Internet With Your Honeys, Creating Honeynets For Tracking Criminal Organizations Terrence Gareau , Mike Thompson
Mass Scanning the Internet: Tips, Tricks, Results Robert Graham , Paul McMillan , Dan Tentler
Dropping Docs on Darknets: How People Got Caught Adrian Crenshaw , TrustedSec
Client-Side HTTP Cookie Security: Attack and Defense David Wyde , Cisco Systems
Data Protection 101 - Successes, Fails, and Fixes PTzero
The NSA Playset: RF Retroreflectors Michael Ossmann , Great Scott Gadgets
Domain Name Problems and Solutions Dr. Paul Vixie , Farsight Security
Investigating PowerShell Attacks Ryan Kazanciyan , Matt Hastings , Mandiant
Stolen Data Markets: An Economic and Organizational Assessment Tom Holt , Olga Smirnova , Yi-Ting Chua , Michigan State University , Eastern Carolina University
Panel - Diversity in Information Security Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm , Sandy “Mouse” Clark , Kristin Paget , Jolly , Vyrus , Scott Martin , CIO Spikes Security
Home Alone with localhost: Automating Home Defense Chris Littlebury , Knowledge Consulting Group, Inc.
You're Leaking Trade Secrets Michael Schrenk
Deconstructing the Circuit Board Sandwich: Effective Techniques for PCB Reverse Engineering Joe Grand aka Kingpin , Grand Idea Studio
Blowing up the Celly - Building Your Own SMS/MMS Fuzzer Brian Gorenc , Matt Molinyawe , Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative , HP Security Research
NSA Playset: PCIe Joe FitzPatrick , Miles Crabill , Hardware Security Resources, LLC
Logging ALL THE THINGS Without All The Cost With Open Source Big Data Tools </buzzwords> Zack Fasel , Urbane Security
"Around the world in 80 cons” - A Perspective Jayson E. Street , Krypton Security
Abuse of Blind Automation in Security Tools Eric (XlogicX) Davisson , Ruben Alejandro (chap0)
A Journey to Protect Points-of-sale Nir Valtman , NCR Retail
Acquire current user hashes without admin privileges Anton Sapozhnikov , KPMG
Hacking 911: Adventures in Disruption, Destruction, and Death Christian “quaddi” Dameff , Jeff “r3plicant” Tully , Peter Hefley , Sunera
Steganography in Commonly Used HF Radio Protocols Paul Drapeau , Brent Dukes , Confer Technologies Inc.
In the forest of knowledge with 1o57 LosT
Just What The Doctor Ordered? Scott Erven , Shawn Merdinger , SecMedic, Inc
The Making of DEFCOIN Xaphan , Beaker , Anch
Cyberhijacking Airplanes: Truth or Fiction? Dr. Phil Polstra , Captain Polly , Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania , University of Dubuque
Bypass firewalls, application white lists, secure remote desktops under 20 seconds Zoltán Balázs , MRG Effitas
Veil-Pillage: Post-exploitation 2.0 Will Schroeder , Veris Group
Secure Because Math: A Deep Dive On Machine Learning-Based Monitoring Alex Pinto , MLSec Project
Oracle Data Redaction is Broken David Litchfield , Datacom TSS
Hack All The Things: 20 Devices in 45 Minutes CJ Heres , Amir Etemadieh , Mike Baker , Hans Nielsen , Accuvant LABS , Matasano Security
An Introduction to Back Dooring Operating Systems for Fun and Trolling Nemus
The Secret Life of Krbtgt Christopher Campbell
Impostor — Polluting Tor Metadata Charlie Vedaa , Mike Larsen
Reverse Engineering Mac Malware Sarah Edwards , SANS Institute
Standing Up an Effective Penetration Testing Team Wiseacre
Don't Fuck It Up! Zoz
Abusing Software Defined Networks Gregory Pickett , Hellfire Security
Manna from Heaven: Improving the state of wireless rogue AP attacks Dominic White , Ian de Villiers , SensePost
Practical Foxhunting 101 Adam Wirth (SimonJ) , MasterPeace Solutions LTD
Touring the Darkside of the Internet. An Introduction to Tor, Darknets, and Bitcoin Metacortex , Grifter
The $env:PATH less Traveled is Full of Easy Privilege Escalation Vulns Christopher Campbell
Saving the Internet (for the Future) Jason Healey , Atlantic Council
Detecting and Defending Against a Surveillance State Robert Rowley , Trustwave Spiderlabs
Getting Windows to Play with Itself: A Hacker's Guide to Windows API Abuse Brady Bloxham , Silent Break Security
VoIP Wars: Attack of the Cisco Phones Fatih Ozavci , Sense of Security
How To Get Phone Companies To Just Say No To Wiretapping Phil Zimmermann , Silent Circle
Summary of Attacks Against BIOS and Secure Boot Yuriy Bulygin , Oleksandr Bazhaniuk , Andrew Furtak , John Loucaides , Intel Security
Hacking US (and UK, Australia, France, etc.) traffic control systems Cesar Cerrudo , IOActive Labs
RF Penetration Testing, Your Air Stinks RMellendick , DaKahuna
Learn how to control every room at a luxury hotel remotely: the dangers of insecure home automation deployment Jesus Molina
I am a legend: Hacking Hearthstone with machine learning Elie Bursztein , Celine Bursztein , Google Inc. , PetSquare