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Title Humans
ModJack: Hijacking The MacOS Kernel Zhi Zhou , Alipay
Modern Techniques to Deobfuscate UEFI/BIOS Malware and Virtualized Packers Alexandre Borges , Blackstorm Security
HAXPO: Reverse Engineering Custom ASICs by Exploiting Potential Supply-Chain Leaks
SeasCoASA: Exploiting a Small Leak in a Great Ship
Now You See It: TOCTOU Attacks Against Secure Boot and BootGuard Trammell Hudson , Two Sigma
HAXPO: WiCy: Monitoring 802.11AC Networks at Scale Vivek Ramachandran
fn_fuzzy: Fast Multiple Binary Diffing Triage with IDA Takahiro Haruyama , Carbon Black
The Birdman: Hacking Cospas-Sarsat Satellites
Hourglass Fuzz: A Quick Bug Hunting Method Moony Li , Lilang Wu , Trend Micro, Inc.
HAXPO: Might As Well JUMP: Exploit Development for Java Serialization
HAXPO: I Own Your Building (Management System) Gjoko Krstic
HITB LAB: Overcoming Fear: Reversing with Radare2
HAXPO: PatrOwl – The Red Flavour of SOC Automation and Orchestration
For the Win: The Art of the Windows Kernel Fuzzing Tencent, Inc.
HAXPO: Attacking Encrypted VOIP Protocols
HAXPO: Reversing Mobile Malware
HITB LAB: Attacking GSM – Alarms, Smart Homes, Smart Watches and More
Hacking Jenkins Orange Tsai , DEVCORE
Hey Operator, Where’s Your Crane? Attacking Industrial Remote Controllers Federico Maggi , Marco Balduzzi , Trend Micro, Inc.
Reversing Cryptographic Primitives Using Quantum Computing Econocom Digital Security
HAXPO: VoLTE Phreaking Secura
HAXPO: Implementation and Evaluation of Secure and Scalable Anomaly-Based Network Intrusion Detection
HAXPO: Hiding a Secret Distributed Chat System Inside 802.11 Management Frames
Make ARM Shellcode Great Again Saumil Shah , Net-Square
HAXPO: A Decade of Infosec Tools Thomas Debize
GDALR: Duplicating Black Box Machine Learning Models Rewanth Cool , Payatu Software Labs LLP
Fresh Apples: Researching New Attack Interfaces on iOS and OSX Moony Li , Lilang Wu , Trend Micro, Inc.
KEYNOTE 1: The End Is The Beginning Is The End: Ten Years In The NL Box Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran , Hack In The Box
Automated Discovery of Logical Privilege Escalation Bugs in Windows 10 Wenxu Wu , Tencent, Inc.
Muraena: The Unexpected Phish Michele Orru , FortConsult
HITB LAB: Wireless Hacking with HackCUBE-Special Kunzhe Chai , Jie Fu , Qihoo 360
Panic on the Streets of Amsterdam: PanicXNU 3.0 Juwei Lin , Junzhi Lu , Trend Micro, Inc.
H(ack)DMI: Pwning HDMI for Fun and Profit Jeonghoon Shin
HAXPO: How to Query and Visualize Almost Anything, Anywhere with Apache Drill Charles Givre
HITB LAB: i.MX Memory Madness: How to Dump, Parse, and Analyze i.MX Flash Memory Chips
HAXPO: RF Exploitation: Demystifying IoT/OT Hacks with SDR Himanshu Mehta
KEYNOTE 2: Securing Journalists The New York Times
CLOSING KEYNOTE: The Beginning of the End? A Return to the Abyss for a Quick Look Richard Thieme
HAXPO: Ghost Tunnel 2.0: Blue Ghost Yongtao Wang , Qihoo 360
HAXPO: Social Networks: Can We Fix Them?
HITB LAB: Azeria’s ARM Exploitation Lab (Part 1) Azeria Labs
HAXPO: Hey Attacker! I Can See You! Ross Bevington , Microsoft Corporation
HAXPO: V1 Bounty: Building an International Coordinated Bug Disclosure Bridge for the European Union Benjamin Kunz , Vulnerability Lab
Compiler Bugs and Bug Compilers Marion Marschalek , Intel Corporation
Content Security Policy: A Successful Mess Between Hardening and Mitigation Michele Spagnuolo , Lukas Weichselbaum , Google Inc.
HITB LAB: Azeria’s ARM Exploitation Lab (Part 2) Azeria Labs
HAXPO: This is a Public Service Announcement: Hacking LTE Public Warning Systems
HAXPO: Rise of the WarPi
Sneaking Past Device Guard Philip Tsukerman , Cybereason
Binder: The Bridge to Root Hongli Han , Mingjian Zhou , Qihoo 360
HAXPO: Hacking the 0day Market Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni , Crowdfense
HAXPO: Infrared: Old Threat Meets New Devices Wang Kang , Alibaba Group Holding Limited
mbuf-oflow: Finding Vulnerabilities in iOS/MacOS Networking Code Kevin Backhouse , Semmle Inc
Hidden Agendas: Bypassing GSMA Recommendations on SS7 Networks Positive Technologies
Deep Confusables: Improving Unicode Encoding Attacks with Deep Learning
Pwning Centrally-Controlled Smart Homes: It’s a Gas