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Three Heads are Better Than One: Mastering NSA’s Ghidra Reverse Engineering Tool INFILTRATE 2019
Windows Defender under the microscope: a reverse engineer's perspective VB2018 Montreal
Reverse Engineering Windows Defender's Emulator DEF CON 26
Windows Offender: Reverse Engineering Windows Defender's Antivirus Emulator Black Hat USA 2018
Reverse Engineering Windows Defender Part II RECON MONTREAL 2018
Reverse Engineering Windows Defender’s JavaScript Engine RECON BRUSSELS 2018
Catch Me If You Can: A Decade of Evasive Malware Attack and Defense ShmooCon 2018
AVLeak: Fingerprinting Antivirus Emulators through Black-Box Testing WOOT '16
AVLeak: Fingerprinting Antivirus Emulators for Advanced Malware Evasion Black Hat USA 2016