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Title Humans
Pwning Browsers with Large-Scale JavaScript Compiler Fuzzing Bruno Keith , Niklas Baumstark
Combina: RCE for Android's Chrome Almog Benin
After Memory Corruption: The Next Security Extinction Event Window Snyder
Abusing Insecure WCF Endpoints for Fun and Profit
Full Steam Ahead: Remotely Executing Code in Modern Desktop Application Architectures
Having Fun with COM James Forshaw
A Bug's Life: Story of a Solaris 0day
DKOM 3.0: Hiding and Hooking with Windows Extension Hosts Alex Ionescu , Gabrielle Viala , Yarden Shafir
Three Heads are Better Than One: Mastering NSA’s Ghidra Reverse Engineering Tool Alexei Bulazel , Jeremy Blackthorne
Adventures in Video Conferencing Natalie Silvanovich
EL3 Tour: Get the Ultimate Privilege of Android Phone Guanxing Wen
TEE Exploitation by Example: Exploiting Trusted Apps in Samsung's TEE Eloi Sanfelix
2PAC 2Furious: Envisioning an iOS compromise in 2019 Marco Grassi , Liang Chen
Device Driver Debauchery and MSR Madness