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2PAC 2Furious: Envisioning an iOS compromise in 2019 INFILTRATE 2019
Exploitation of a Modern Smartphone Baseband Black Hat USA 2018
Exploiting User-land vulnerabilities to Get Rogue App Installed Remotely on iOS 11 RECON MONTREAL 2018
Remotely Compromising iOS via Wi-Fi and Escaping the Sandbox Black Hat Asia 2017
Escaping The Sandbox By Not Breaking It DEF CON 24
Subverting Apple Graphics: Practical Approaches to Remotely Gaining Root Black Hat USA 2016
The Nightmare Behind the Cross Platform Mobile Apps Dream Black Hat Asia 2015
Remotely Compromising a Modern iOS Device INFILTRATE 2017
Technical Keynote: iOS War Stories INFILTRATE 2018
Don't Trust Your Eye: Apple Graphics Is Compromised! CanSecWest 2016