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Title Humans
Create your own Fitness Tracker Firmware Jiska Classen , Daniel Wegemer
SiliVaccine: North Korea's weapon of Mass Detection Mark Lechtik , Michael Kajiloti
Reverse Engineering Of Blockchain Smart Contracts Patrick Ventuzelo
Breath of the RF Field James Chambers
Rattle - an Ethereum EVM binary analysis framework Ryan Stortz
A Code Pirate's Cutlass evm
This Dump is a Puzzle Phoebe Queen
Sandbagility - Reverse Engineering Framework for Windows dynamic analysis François Khourbiga , Eddy Deligne
An Open-Source Machine-Code Decompiler Marek Milkovič , Peter Matula
Pwning Intel PIN Julian Kirsch , Zhechko Zhechev
Meet Salinas, the first ever SMS-commanded Car Infotainment RAT Daniel Regalado , Ken Hsu , Gerardo Iglesias
Bushwhacking your way around a bootloader Rebecca ".bx" Shapiro
Static instrumentation based on executable file formats Romain Thomas
Analyzing TRISIS - the first Safety Instrumented System malware K. Reid Wightman , Jimmy Wylie
Modern Linux Malware Exposed Emanuele Cozzi , Mariano Graziano
PWN Flash with Reflection and HashTables Tao Yan , Bo Qu
Malware Analysis and Automation using Binary Ninja Erika Noerenberg
Unknown Known DLLs and other Code Integrity Trust Violations Alex Ionescu , James Forshaw
Taint-based return oriented programming Colas Le Guernic , François Khourbiga
Sum Total of ISA Knowledge Alex Kropivny
PreVice: Static Detection of Hooking Capabilities in Machine Code Andy Wortman , Claudiu Teodorescu , Derek Soeder
Reverse Engineering Windows Defender Part II Alexei Bulazel
Building a Damned Good Watch Travis Goodspeed
Tracing Struct Accesses with Struct Stalker Jeff Dileo
Exploiting User-land vulnerabilities to Get Rogue App Installed Remotely on iOS 11 Liang Chen , Marco Grassi
Cloudy With a Chance of Malware Marika Chauvin
Discovering the iOS Instruments Server Troy Bowman