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Title Humans
HITB Lab: Blue Picking: Hacking Bluetooth Smart Locks Slawomir Jasek , SecuRing
I Got 99 Trends and a # is All of Them! How We Found Over 100 RCE Vulnerabilities in Trend Micro Software Steven Seeley , Roberto Suggi Liverani , Offensive Security
OverSight: Exposing Spies on macOS Patrick Wardle , Synack
Side Channel Attacks Against iOS Crypto Libraries and More Najwa Aaraj , DarkMatter
Hunting For Vulnerabilities in Signal Markus Vervier
Most Impressive: A Guide to Key Impressioning Attacks Jos Weyers , TOOOL Netherlands
Harnessing Intel Processor Trace on Windows for Vulnerability Discovery Richard Johnson , Cisco Talos Group
Chasing Cars: Keyless Entry System Attacks Yingtao Zeng , Qing Yang , Jun Li , Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd
COMMSEC: So You Want To Hack Radios? Matt Knight , Marc Newlin , Bastille , Bastille Networks
COMMSEC: Pwning ARM Debug Components for Sec-Related Stuff Pascal Cotret , Muhammad Abdul Wahab , CentraleSupélecRennes
The Best Laid Schemes: Attacking URL Schemes Yu Hong
3-DAY TRAINING 3: Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits Dr. Jared DeMott , Binary Defense Systems
COMMSEC: Understanding the Microsoft Office 2016 Protected-View Sandbox Koh Yong Chuan , MWR Labs
A New RISC Don Bailey , Lab Mouse Security
COMMSEC: Low Cost Open Source Spectrum Monitoring Dominic Spill , Great Scott Gadgets
COMMSEC: Pwning Banks – How the Playground Evolved Over the Years Miika Turkia , NIXU
Everybody Wants SOME: Advance Same Origin Method Execution Ben Hayak , Salesforce
WELCOME ADDRESS: Hack to the Future: The Past, Present, and Future of Our Cyber Domain Elly van den Heuvel , Secretary to the Dutch Cyber Security Council (CSR)
HITB Lab: Practical Machine Learning in InfoSecurity Clarence Chio , Anto Joseph , Intel Corporation
HITB Lab: Analyzing Malicious Office Documents Didier Stevens , NVISO
2-DAY TRAINING 2: Practical IoT Hacking Aseem Jakhar , Payatu Software Labs
CLOSING KEYNOTE – The ECMA and the Chakra Natalie Silvanovich , Google Project Zero
3-DAY SPECIAL TRAINING: ICS/SCADA Security Louis Hur , Edward Lee , Junyuan Chai , NSHC
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Hacking Customer Information Control System Ayoub Elaassal , Wavestone
COMMSEC: A Passive Listing Ransomware Detector Paulus Meessen , Don Mulders , Radboud University , TU Eindhoven
HITB Lab: Unbridled HIDIOcy Steve Lord , Raw Hex
Is There a Doctor in The House? Hacking Medical Devices and Healthcare Infrastructure Anirudh Duggal , Northeastern University
COMMSEC: Disarming EMET 5.52 Niels Warnars , TU Delft
COMMSEC: When Two-Factor Authentication is a Foe: Breaking Apple’s iCloud Keychain Vladimir Katalov , ElcomSoft Co.Ltd.
2-DAY TRAINING 1: Threat Intelligence Using Maltego Roelof Temmingh , Andrew Macpherson , Paterva
We Broke all CSPs and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! Michele Spagnuolo , Lukas Weichselbaum , Google Inc.
Shadow-Box: The Practical and Omnipotent Sandbox Seunghun Han , National Security Research Institute of South Korea
COMMSEC: UberBounty: Bug Bounty from a Program’s Perspective Rob Fletcher , Uber
KEYNOTE 2 – All Fall Down: Interdependencies in the Cloud Window Snyder , Fastly
An Attack-in-Depth Analysis of Multicast DNS and DNS Service Discovery Antonios Atlasis ,
COMMSEC: Meet & Greet with the MacOS Malware Class of 2016 Patrick Wardle , Synack
KEYNOTE 1 – Redefining Defense Saumil Shah , Net-Square
COMMSEC: How to Make a Magic Mirror Steven Wierckx , TOREON
Extracting All Your Secrets: Vulnerabilities in Android Password Managers Stephan Huber , Steven Arzt , Siegfried Rasthofer , Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology , Fraunhofer SIT
COMMSEC: Will it Blend? CISO’s and Hackers Chris van den Hooven , NIXU
Can’t Touch This: Cloning Any Android HCE Contactless Card Slawomir Jasek , SecuRing
Drammer: The Making-Of Victor van der Veen , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
COMMSEC: IoT Hacking Simplified Aseem Jakhar , Payatu Software Labs
Heads Up: Bootstrapping Systems with Open Source Firmware Trammell Hudson , Two Sigma Investments
Bypassing Memory Mitigations Using Data-Only Exploitation Techniques (Part II) Bing Sun , Chong Xu , Intel Corporation , Intel Security
Femtocell Hacking: From Zero to Zero Day JeongHoon Shin
COMMSEC: Fault Injection Attacks On Secure Boot Niek Timmers , Albert Spruyt , Riscure
The Secret of ChakraCore: 10 Ways to Go Beyond the Edge Linan Hao , Long Liu , Qihoo 360 Vulcan Team
COMMSEC: Unauthorized Erlang: A Demonstration Don Bailey , Lab Mouse Security
HITB Lab: Introduction to Windows Logical Privilege Escalation James Forshaw , Google Project Zero
3-DAY TRAINING 2: Mastering Burp Suite Pro: 100% Hands-On Nicolas Gregoire
COMMSEC: A Surprise Encounter With a Telco APT Emmanuel ‘EMX’ Gadaix , TSTF
COMMSEC: Intel DCI Secrets Maxim Goryachy , Mark Ermolov , Positive Technologies
2-DAY TECH TRAINING 3 – Linux Kernel Exploitation Techniques Vitaly Nikolenko , Trustwave SpiderLabs
COMMSEC: Lure10: Exploiting Windows Automatic Wireless Association Algorithm George Chatzisofroniou , CENSUS S.A.