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Monitoring the radio spectrum usage is an important way to keep track of wireless devices in your organisation. Whether it’s an unauthorised IoT device or an implanted device exfiltrating data, we want to keep an eye on RF devices within out infrastructure.
Over the past few months a group of open source software developers have been working on tools to allow low cost SDR platforms to rapidly sweep frequencies in order to monitor the spectrum around us. Our base platform is HackRF and we are able to monitor 0MHz to 6GHz in 0.75 seconds, allowing us to build up a near realtime picture of radio usage around us.
Now we are looking at how to interpret and analyse this data.  Can we build tools that allow us to analyse and profile the signals around us in realtime to detect rogue devices and secure our environment?
This will be a look at freely available open sources tools that enable us to monitor, analyse, and track down radio signals.