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Bugs so Nice they Patched them Twice! A (Continuing)? Story About Failed Patches OffensiveCon 2019
L'art de l'??vasion: Modern VMWare Exploitation Techniques OffensiveCon 2018
"For the Greater Good: Leveraging VMware's RPC Interface for fun and profit" Zeronights Moscow 2017
Transforming Open Source to Open Access in Closed Applications: Finding Vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader's XSLT Engine 2017 SyScan360 Beijing
Transforming Open Source to Open Access in Closed Applications RECON BRUSSELS 2017
$hell on Earth: From Browser to System Compromise Black Hat USA 2016
Analyzing Arcane Attack Vectors: Adobe Reader's Logical Way to SYSTEM POC2015
Abusing Adobe Reader’s JavaScript APIs DEF CON 23
Thinking Outside the Sandbox - Violating Trust Boundaries in Uncommon Ways Black Hat USA 2014
Reversing on the Edge RECON 2014