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Title Humans
The Phantom Menace: Intel ME Manufacturing Mode Maxim Goryachy , Mark Ermolov , Postive Technologies , Positive Technologies
NTLM Relay Is Dead, Long Live NTLM Relay Jianing Wang , Junyu Zhou , Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab
COMMSEC: Improved Blockchain Infrastructure with IoT for Critical/Smart Government Applications Dr. Manar Abu Talib , Dr. Qassim Nasir , College of Sciences at the University of Sharjah , University Of Sharjah
COMMSEC: Building Security Beyond The Genesis Block Ryan Shepherd , Countercept
DHCP Is Hard Felix Wilhelm , Google Inc.
BSIDES: Adversarial Attacks on Autonomous Cars: The Missed Gap Dr. Hoda A. Alkhzaimi , New York University AD
BSIDES: Creating Browser Extensions to Hunt for Low-Hanging Fruit Rewanth Cool , Payatu Software Labs LLP
COMMSEC: Offensive Memory Forensics Hugo Teso
COMMSEC: Evolution of Security Threats to Telecommunications Infrastructures Emmanuel Gadaix , TSTF
BSIDES: Growth Hacking Your Community Dr. Marwan Al-Zarouni , DESC
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Blind Digital Signatures (BDS) Dr. Manar Abu Talib , Dr. Qassim Nasir , College of Sciences at the University of Sharjah , University Of Sharjah
Hunting for Backdoors in IoT Firmware at Unprecedented Scale John Toterhi , Finite State
Vote of No Confidence: Second Factor Correctness Victor Mateu , DarkMatter
Spanish Fly: Infecting Files On-The-Fly Leonardo Nve , Spanish Red Team
Somebody Answer the Phone: Hacking Telephone Systems for Fun & Profit Himanshu Mehta , Sachin Wagh , Symantec
COMMSEC: Hacking the International RFQ Process #killthebuzzwords Dino Covotsos , Telspace Systems
COMMSEC: Taking Over Telecom Networks Loay Hassan Abdelrazek , Hardik Mehta , Nile University
BSIDES: Women in Cyber Security in The Middle East Heide Young , Women in Cyber Security Middle East
AI Model Security: Reverse Engineering Machine Learning Models Kang Li , Institute for Cybersecurity and Privacy at the University of Georgia
Capture This: Real Time Packet Processing with FPGAs Matteo Collura , Knowledge Resources GmbH
Back On The Chain Gang: Blockchain, Public Chain and Contract Security Li Jiafeng , Yang Changcheng , Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd
COMMSEC: Hacking the 0day Market Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni , Crowdfense
KEYNOTE 2: Cyber Arms Race Mikko Hypponen , F-Secure
Virtualizing IoT With Code Coverage Guided Fuzzing Kai Jern Lau , JD Security , Nguyen Anh Quynh
TRAINING 11 – ICS/SCADA Security Ellie Kim , Edward Lee , Red Alert Team at NSHC , NSHC
Using Machine-Learning to Investigate Web Campaigns at Large Federico Maggi , Trend Micro, Inc.
TRAINING 9 – Hands-on SAP Hacking and Defense Jordan Santarsieri , Vicxer
BSIDES: Hunting Threats in Your Enterprise Abdulrahman Alnimari , Mantech Corp
It WISN’t Me: Attacking Industrial Wireless Mesh Networks Mattijs van Ommeren , Erwin Paternotte , NIXU Benelux , NIXU Corporation
IPv666 – Address of the Beast Marc Newlin , Chris Grayson , Snap Inc.
Are You Listening? Auditable & Provable Privacy of Smart Speakers Wang Kang , Yang Bo , Alibaba Group Holding Limited , China Telecommunication Technology Labs
TRAINING 2 – Mobile-Sec Exploitation Breakout Ravikumar Paghdal , Net Square
GLitch Chronicles: Turning WebGL Into A Hammer Pietro Frigo , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
TRAINING 6 – In & Out: Network Data Exfiltration Techniques Leszek Mis , Defensive Security
COMMSEC: Enhancing Deep Learning DGA Detection Models Using Separate Character Embedding Vikash Yadav , Royal Bank of Canada
Horror On The Bus: Hacking COMBUS Kirils Solovjovs , Possible Security
HITB 10th Year Anniversary Lucky Draw: WIN A TRIP TO AMSTERDAM!
COMMSEC: HWallet: The Simple Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Nemanja Nikodijevic
TRAINING 4 – Defending Against Modern Targeted Attacks Stan Hegt , Pieter Ceelen , Marc Smeets , Outflank
BSIDES: Cyber Security of the Future Dr. Bushra AlBelooshi , Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)
TRAINING 7 – Advanced Windows Fuzzing and Triage Richard Johnson , Cisco Talos Group
Rooting Routers Using Symbolic Execution Mathy Vanhoef , KU Leuven University
COMMSEC: A Secured and Robust Wireless Communication System for Low-Latency Applications Dr. Husameldin Mukhtar , University of Dubai
Gold Digging: Discovering Hidden Gems in APKs Marc Schoenefeld , Oracle
TRAINING 1: The ARM IoT Exploit Lab: Introduction to ARM IoT Exploitation and Shellcoding Saumil Shah , Net-Square
TRAINING 3 – System Management Mode Rootkits Alexander Tereshkin , COSEINC
BSIDES: Blockchain: The New Line of Defense Ramy AlDamati , Kaspersky Lab
COMMSEC: Gentlehackers – Start Your AIs: Building Your Own Self Driving, Self Racing Car Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran , Hack In The Box
IoT Woodpecker: Intrusion-Detection On The Hardware Bus Congyuan Xu , Yang Bo , Wang Kang , Zhejiang University , China Telecommunication Technology Labs , Alibaba Group Holding Limited
COMMSEC: Hacking into Broadband and Broadcast TV Systems Chaouki Kasmi , Thomas Sabono , Pierre Barre , DarkMatter
Cloudy With a Chance of Messages: Extracting Messages from iCloud Vladimir Katalov , ElcomSoft
TRAINING 8 – Get Your Hands Dirty: From Packets to Malware Behaviors Veronica Valeros , Sebastian Garcia
BSIDES: My Experience of Running CTF Competitions in 7 Arab Countries Moataz Salah , CyberTalent
WELCOME ADDRESS H.E Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani , Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)
A Multidimensional Hardware Attack and Defense Tool Set Kunzhe Chai , Jie Fu , Mingchuang Qin , 360PegasusTeam , PegasusTeam , 360 Radio Security Research Institute
COMMSEC: Hacking Yachts Remotely: IoT Hacking at Sea Stephan Gerling
COMMSEC: System-level Threats: Dangerous Assumptions in Modern Product Security Cristofaro Mune
KEYNOTE 1: Crouching Tiger, Sudden Keynote Katie Moussouris , Luta Security
TRAINING 5 – Applied Data Science and Machine Learning for Cyber Security Austin Taylor , Charles Givre , Deutsche Bank
TRAINING 10: Modern Malware Warfare: Basics, Delivery, and Advanced Analysis Dr. Jared DeMott , Josh Stroschein , VDA Labs