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Title Humans
3-DAY TRAINING 4 – Applied Data Science and Machine Learning for Cyber Security Charles Givre , Austin Taylor , Deutsche Bank
Citizen Chain Don Bailey , Lab Mouse Security
Our Quantum Future Jaya Baloo , KPN
Travel Hacking: Hotel Edition Hendrik Scholz
3-DAY TRAINING 5: Mastering Burp Suite Pro: 100% Hands-On Nicolas Gregoire
CommSec: Closing Comments Day 1 Sanjeev Solanki
Modern Car Security Jun Li , Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd
CommSec: Hacking the 0day Market Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni , Crowdfense
Hacking Robots: Lessons Learned, Current Research and New Perspectives Stefano Zanero , Politecnico di Milano
CommSec: Challenges and Practices of Local Differential Privacy in Real-World Pingchuan Ma , Zhiqiang Wang , CN Cert , Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute
CommSec: Applications of Open Source Hardware in Security Research MaLiang , NSFOCUS
Security 2020: The Threats and Opportunities for Cyber Leaders Eddie Schwartz , DarkMatter
CommSec: WELCOME DAY 2 Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni , Crowdfense
CommSec: BREAK
Defending The Enterprise in 2018 Saumil Shah , Net-Square
Telecoms: Generational Evolution of Attack Surfaces Emmanuel Gadaix , TSTF
The Inner Workings of the Windows Runtime James Forshaw , Google Project Zero
Raining Bikes: Dissecting a Cloud-Connected E-Scooter Nikias Bassen , CORELLIUM
Some Experiments with Code Similarity Halvar Flake , Google Inc.
From an Edge to an Edge: Defense Strategies in the Modern Age Ofir Arkin , Israel Engineering and Operations @Forcepoint
Vulnerability Research: What It Takes to Keep Going and Going and Going Fred Raynal , QUARKSLAB
CommSec: Application and Practice of Machine Learning in Anti-Malware Chao Ye , Rising Safety Officer
Digging Deep: Finding 0days in Embedded Systems with Code Coverage Guided Fuzzing Kai Jern Lau , JD Security , Nguyen Anh Quynh
CLOSING NOTE Tony Lee , Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran , , Hack In The Box
CommSec: Smart Nation Meets Privacy-Preserving Analytics Sanjeev Solanki
3-DAY TRAINING 6 – Hacking Mobile Networks with Software Defined Radios Lin Huang , Qihoo 360
3-DAY TRAINING 2: Modern Malware Warfare: Basics, Delivery, and Advanced Analysis Dr. Jared DeMott , Josh Stroschein , VDA Labs
CommSec: AI Powered Security and Securing AI Jimmy Su , JD Research Center
CommSec: Expediting Exploitability Assessment through an Exploitation Facilitation Framework Xinyu Xing
Watch This: Finding Vulnerabilities In A Closed Source Video Decoder Driver Adam Donenfeld , Zimperium
CommSec: WELCOME DAY 1 – Sanjeev Solanki (Acronis) Sanjeev Solanki
CommSec: Internet Talents View of Network Security Wang Yu
Social Media Mining for Threat Intelligence Dr. Fyodor Yarochkin , Trend Micro, Inc.
Offensive Memory Forensics Hugo Teso , F-Secure
Using Machine-Learning to Investigate Web Campaigns at Large Marco Balduzzi , Trend Micro, Inc.
Taint Driven Crash Triage Richard Johnson , Cisco Talos Group
Monitoring Massive Network Traffic Using Bayesian Inference David Rodriguez , Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS)
CommSec: Solving The Last Mile Problem Between Machine Learning and Security Operations Xiangyu Liu , Xinyue Shen , Alibaba Group Holding Limited
Bye, Bye IMSI Catchers: Security Enhancements In 5G Lin Huang , Qihoo 360
CommSec: Closing Comments Day 2 Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni , Crowdfense
3-DAY TRAINING 1: Vulnerability Discovery and Triage Automation Training Richard Johnson , Cisco Talos Group
CommSec: BREAK
CommSec: Unconventional Vulnerabilities In Google Cloud Platform Venkatesh Sivakumar , DarkMatter LLC
CommSec: Who Hijacked My Smart Home: One URL to Hack ALL IoT Devices Han Zi Dong
3-DAY TRAINING 3: Threat Intelligence Gathering Using Maltego Andrew Macpherson , Paterva
RK87 – A Smart Contract Verification Tool Thanh Nguyen , Van Hoa Nguyen , Verichains Lab / VNSECURITY , Verichains Lab
Your Personal Surveillance Device: How Your Smartphone Tracks Your Entire Life Vladimir Katalov , ElcomSoft Co.Ltd.
CommSec: Manual Analysis of an APT Espionage Campaign ZhiBo Wu , CETC30-30WISH
Stop Laughing! CYBER Security is Cool! Adam Laurie , Aperture Labs
Attack Trees: Methodology and Application in Red Teaming Operations Matteo Beccaro , Opposing Force s.r.l.
USB armory: Past, Present and Future Andrea Barisani , Inverse Path
CommSec: The Security of Robot Operating Systems and Vulnerability Mining HanZhe
CommSec: IoT Security Battlefield Notes Zhuo Meng , Xiaomi IoT Security Lab
CommSec: Gentlemen – Start Your AIs: Self Racing Cars Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran , Hack In The Box
Tools of The Trade Evan Booth , Counter Hack Challenges
Apple iOS Access Permission Vulnerabilities Benjamin Kunz , Vulnerability Lab