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Title Humans
Bypassing Browser Security Policies for Fun and Profit Rafay Baloch , ETISALAT (PTCL)
Hey Your Parcel Looks Bad - Fuzzing and Exploiting Parcel-ization Vulnerabilities in Android Qidan He , Tencent Keen Security Lab
Automated Dynamic Firmware Analysis at Scale: A Case Study on Embedded Web Interfaces Andrei Costin , Firmware.RE
Let's See What's Out There - Mapping the Wireless IoT Tobias Zillner , Cognosec
I'm Not a Human: Breaking the Google reCAPTCHA Iasonas Polakis , Suphannee Sivakorn , Columbia University
Devaluing Attack: Disincentivizing Threats Against the Next Billion Devices Dino Dai Zovi , Square
Break Out of the Truman Show: Active Detection and Escape of Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Ke Sun , Xiaoning Li , Fortune 500 , Intel Corporation
Hacking a Professional Drone Nils Rodday
Never Trust Your Inputs: Causing 'Catastrophic Physical Consequences' from the Sensor (or How to Fool ADC) Alexander Bolshev , Marina Krotofil , IOActive, Inc. , Honeywell Cyber Security Lab
su-a-Cyder: Homebrewing Malware for iOS Like a B0$$! Chilik Tamir , MI3Security
Rapid Radio Reversing Michael Ossmann , Great Scott Gadgets
The Security Wolf of Wall Street: Fighting Crime with High-Frequency Classification and Natural Language Processing Thibault Reuille , Jeremiah O'Connor , OpenDNS
DSCompromised: A Windows DSC Attack Framework Ryan Kazanciyan , Matt Hastings , Tanium
Exploiting Linux and PaX ASLR's Weaknesses on 32-bit and 64-bit Systems Dr. Hector Marco-Gisbert , Dr. Ismael Ripoll , Polytechnic University of Valencia
A New CVE-2015-0057 Exploit Technology Yu Wang , FireEye, Inc.
NumChecker: A System Approach for Kernel Rootkit Detection and Identification Xueyang Wang , Xiaofei Guo , Intel Corporation
Practical New Developments in the BREACH Attack Dionysios Zindros , Dimitris Karakostas , University of Athens , National Technical University of Athens
The Perl Jam 2: The Camel Strikes Back Netanel Rubin
Multivariate Solutions to Emerging Passive DNS Challenges Paul Vixie , Farsight Security Inc.
The Kitchen's Finally Burned Down: DLP Security Bakeoff Zach Lanier , Kelly Lum , Cylance , Tumblr
Locknote: Conclusions and Key Takeaways from Black Hat Asia 2016 Jeff Moss , U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council
Enterprise Apps: Bypassing the iOS Gatekeeper Avi Bashan , Ohad Bobrov , Check Point
Incident Response @ Scale - Building a Next Generation SOC Omer Cohen , IL-CERT/Yahoo
CANtact: An Open Tool for Automotive Exploitation Eric Evenchick , Faraday Future
Automated Detection of Firefox Extension-Reuse Vulnerabilities Ahmet Buyukkayhan , William Robertson , Northeastern University
Android Commercial Spyware Disease and Medication Mustafa Saad , MTC
PLC-Blaster: A Worm Living Solely in the PLC Ralf Spenneberg , Maik Brueggemann , Hendrik Schwartke , OpenSource Security Ralf Spenneberg
The Tactical Application Security Program: Getting Stuff Done Cory Scott , David Cintz , LinkedIn