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Title Humans
A threat hunter himself Sergey Soldatov
JETPLOW is dead. Long live the JETPLOW! Digital Security
Hacking ElasticSearch Ivan Novikov , Wallarm
Dissecting complex code-reuse attacks with ROPMEMU Mariano Graziano , Cisco Talos Group
Breaking Crypto for Dummies Riscure
Reversing golang
DPTrace: Dual Purpose Trace for Exploitability Analysis of Program Crashes Rohit Mothe , Rodrigo Rubira Branco , Intel Corporation
Hadoop safari – Hunting for vulnerabilities Wavestone
Enterprise Vulnerability Management
Modern fuzzing of C/C++ Projects Max Moroz
Defeating Pin Control in Programmable Logic Controllers Ali Abbasi , Majid Hashemi , University of Twente
Advanced Web Application Fuzzing Positive Technologies
Fear and rage of two-factor authentication Yandex
Excite project: all the truth about symbolic execution for BIOS security Alex Matrosov
Automating iOS blackbox security scanning Mikhail Sosonkin
You are not the same as… Andrey Kovalev
Reverse engineering of binary data files using Kaitai Struct Mikhail Yakshin
Stories about hacking low-cost phones
How to manage digital apps signatures in a big company
Cisco Smart Install. Pentester’s opportunities
Of Mice and Keyboards: On the Security of Modern Wireless Desktop Sets Matthias Deeg , SySS GmbH
FIRST: Changing How You Reverse Engineer Cisco Systems
You’re off the hook: blinding security software Alex Matrosov , Intel Corporation
A blow under the belt. How to avoid WAF/IPS/DLP ONSEC
Neurotechnology for Security
Entity provider selection confusion attacks in JAX-RS applications Mikhail Egorov
Monitoring and analysis of emails or a primitive tool to detect a cyber attack
Searching for vulnerabilities in the Computer-Aided Process Control System (CAPCS) with blackbox analysis under tight deadlines
F5 BIG-IP vulnerabilities: detection and remedying Denis Kolegov , Positive Technologies
The approach to developing LPE exploits on Windows 10 with allowances to the latest security updates
Gateway Internals of Tesla Motors Sen Nie , Ling Liu
Diving into Malware’s Furtive Plumbing Or Safran
20% of investment and 80% of profit. How to implement security requirements and maintain internal freedom Yandex
Poking on Macs Recovery OS and Local OS Update Process Patrick Wardle , Synack
Safeguarding Rootkits: Intel BootGuard Digital Security
I know where your page lives: Derandomizing the latest Windows 10 Kernel Enrique Nissim , Intel Corporation
The UEFI Firmware Rootkits: Myths and Reality Alex Matrosov , Eugene Rodionov , ESET
Welcome to the Physical Layer Michael Ossmann , Great Scott Gadgets
CICS Breakdown: Hack your way to transaction city Ayoub Elaassal , Wavestone