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Title Humans
Swift Reversing Ryan Stortz
The Secret Life of ActionScript Natalie Silvanovich
Automatic Root-Cause Identification for Crashing Executions Sean Heelan
Xenpwn: Breaking Paravirtualized Devices Felix Wilhelm
Genetic Malware: Designing Payloads For Specific Targets Josh Pitts
Hack the Pentagon Lisa Wiswell
Pwning Adobe Reader Sebastian Apelt
Java deserialization vulnerabilities - The forgotten bug class Matthias Kaiser
Making a scalable automated hacking system: from DevOps to Pwning Artem Dinaburg
Why nation-state malwares target Telco Networks: Dissecting technical capabilities of Regin and its counterparts Omer Coskun
All Your Browsers Belong To Us : Tales of Android Browser Exploitation
Keynote: Learning to win
The Tao of Hardware, the Te of Implants Joseph FitzPatrick