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Title Humans
Punking Punkbuster Isaac Dawson
Breaking Bad Programs Don A. Bailey
A Fast Hard Disk with Active Antiforensics Travis Goodspeed
Evading Identification and Detection by Messing with Binary Formats Ange Albertini
.Net Havoc – Manipulating Properties of Dormant Server Side Web Controls Shay Chen
Honey I’m Home!! – Hacking Z-Wave Home Automation Systems.
Persistent, Stealthy, Remote-controlled Dedicated Hardware Malware
Reverse Engineering with HackRF Michael Ossmann
Security Lessons from Dictators Jerry Gamblin
A Captive Audience Jaime Cochran
I miss LSD Tim Brown
Reversing and Exploiting BT CPE Devices Zachary Cutlip
Even More Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of this Presentation Natalie Silvanovich
Hack the Gibson – Exploiting Supercomputers
Building Antibodies – The Phishing program at Twitter. Dan Tentler
Signatureless Breach Detection Under The Microscope
A talk about (info-sec) talks Haroon Meer
Browser bug hunting – Memoirs of a last man standing Atte Kettunen
My quest into FM-RDS Oona Räisänen
The Forger’s Art: Exploiting XML Digital Signature Implementations James Forshaw
Best Practices and the Future of Adaptive Authentication
Surviving the 0-day – Reducing the Window of Exposure Andreas Lindh