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Vulnerabilities in employee management system could lead to remote code execution, login credential theft May 1, 2024
From PDFs to Payload: Bogus Adobe Acrobat Reader Installers Distribute Byakugan Malware April 5, 2024
Defining experience quality in large language models March 20, 2024
Detecting Canary Tokens and Suspicious URLs in Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader PDF and Zip Files March 11, 2024
Malware Hiding in PDFs: What You Need to Know March 2, 2024
Why Apple added protection against quantum computing when quantum computing doesn’t even exist yet Feb. 29, 2024
How to Track Anyone’s IP using Transparent Images? Feb. 29, 2024
Multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat Reader could lead to remote code execution Feb. 28, 2024
CanaryTokenScanner - Script Designed To Proactively Identify Canary Tokens Within Microsoft Office Documents And Acrobat Reader PDF (docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf) Feb. 28, 2024
Remote code execution vulnerabilities found in Buildroot, Foxit PDF Reader Dec. 6, 2023